Boston Rain

It started pouring this afternoon in Boston. I figured it couldn't stay raining hard forever so we started our trek (about two blocks) to the subway. We got to the subway pretty wet but not enough to ruin our spirits. Due to weather problems, some of the subways were taken out of service. It delayed our trip back to the hotel quite a bit. After four subway changes (normally would take one only) we got off at our exit. It was pouring. There wasn't much we could do but run to the hotel about five blocks away. We got so drenched I couldn't help laughing. It was pretty fun running in the rain looking crazy... Adam was not thrilled since his blackberry got wet and he has a ton of work contacts he has to get back...We did not look ask cute as Spike and Michelle on our walk home and we had to change in the hotel bathroom (because we checked out that morning). That part was pretty awful. :)

1 comment:

sarirosanty said...

sounds like fun!
sorry you had to change in the bathroom

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