im embarassing

So last tuesday, my friend from junior high was in the midwest to visit her boyfriend (in Chicago).  They also stayed a few days in Indiana and decided to take a detour to visit me.

We decided to meet at the halfway point in Holland, MI.  About an hour and a half car ride for each of us.  My friend didn't realize that Michigan is east coast time while Illinois and Indiana are in the central time zone.  They were an hour late to meet me.  Which was totally fine.  I just hung out at a coffee shop.

We had lunch at this diner.  I like to make fun of a lot of things cause i'm a bitch or i'm funny (I don't know).  Anyway, I was totally making fun of the midwest.  Then we tried to recruiting my friend to the midwest.

A guy comes to our table. He was in the booth next to us.  I guess he caught a few of my rants and realized we were from LA. He and his wife are owners of Clementine Flower shop in Silverlake.  A really cute shop at the Sunset Junction.   I'm mortified.

Dear Sayaka, please lower your voice while in a public space.  Thank you.


anders holm

obsessed with pastor casey on the mindy project.  here is his wedding from the internets.  

the bridemaids wore the same jcrew dress in wine...



I just got back from a quick trip to Los Angeles. This was a good trip. People wanted to hang out with me! I actually have friends!

I thought Adam would have a great time catching up on reading and TV back in Michigan. He ended up working too much and he missed me. Can you believe it?

Whenever I go home on my own, I don't want to leave.  I even got a little teary-eyed at the airport. I wish home was a little closer (but not too close). :)
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