last weekend was devoted to adam's parent's who were visiting from oklahoma city, so this week was spent playing catch up with our friends.

saturday night, ben and anne called us to go to the cinespia cemetary screening at hollywood forever. my tradition is to go at least once a year. it has been hard lately to get a group going since everyone is busy with their lives. haha

the screening of the evening was "the man who knew too much," starring jimmy stewart and doris day. i enjoyed the film although i fell asleep towards the end. ben and anne made us chicken pesto/pepper/arugula sandwiches and we brought the wine, cheese/crackers, san pellegrino, chips, dessert. between the four of us we finished off three wines!

the next day we had an imprompto dinner/movie screening at adam's with our friends rachel and scott. adam and scott discussed french cinema and both like french director godard's work. scott netflixed the movie "contempt" to view. adam made dinner for all of us. chicken stuffed with morel mushrooms, potatos, baby arugula. scott and rachel brought us red wine. it was adam's first time hosting and he did very well. the screening was lots of fun.

bridget bardot was so stylish and cute in this movie. i think i have become a fan of hers.


karen O

i took adam out for a two weeks-belated birthday dinner at cafe stella last night.

i ordered the steak and frites, adam had the chicken with potato gratin. my steak was rough and fatty but the flavoring was very nice. adam's dinner was delicious. we also ordered the tuna tartare but it came after our entree's! our server jake took it off of our bill.

he also spilled ice on our table. I love clumsy waiters. haha.

i think that the highlight of the evening was when karen o was seated next to adam. his eyes widened. adam is a huge fan of the yeah yeah yeah's. haha.
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