plans for halloween?  

we don't have any plans (so sad) and this is our first halloween at the new house.  i don't think we will get any trick or treaters this far out of town.  adam wants to dress up as nico and lou reed.

we will see.

Mount Pleasant with my family

Adam teaches a class and one of their assignments is to build a cardboard boat.  This year, Adam decided to participate.

Adam and his students (both Adam and the girl are wearing my shorts- very baggy :( ).

Omigod, watching him race was hilarious.  He didn't do as well as everyone imagined. Also, the boat was shaking so hard.  It was really funny.  Better luck next year.

Detroit Tour with my Family

My family took a redeye from Los Angeles to Detroit, arriving at 5:45am.  I live two and a half hours from the airport, making my departure time 3:15am.  My brother suggested I drive out a little later and they would wait for me at the airport for a few hours.  

First thing we did when I picked them up from the airport was breakfast!  They weren't hungry because of the lag but I heard the best thing for it is to eat your meals in the current time zone.

We drove about ten miles to New Center Eatery (Detroit has traffic!).  When looking for a brunch spot, I saw a yelp review saying that this place was better than Roscoes.  I was sold on the spot.  Anyway, when we placed our order, sister Elena mentioned it was their one year wedding anniversary and my mom's birthday this weekend, the manager gave us a discount (a nice one).  It was pretty awesome.  The fried chicken was moist and tender, and the meal wasn't too heavy.

Next, we walked around downtown Detroit, the first stop being the Gaurdian Building.  It was built in 1928 and completed in 1929 (the year of the market crash). It took a million bricks to built and sister Elena was a really great and informative tour guide.

We walked a block and stumbled on the site of the Coney Wars.  We were all confused because we thought it was set in New York?  We shared a chili dog with all the fixin's (thirty minutes after our fried chicken and waffles) at Lafayette Coney Island.  I think we made the right choice.

We did a museum (a little dull) and a cool coffee shop with eames chairs! ... Then drove to Slows BBQ for a late lunch/early dinner in a area called Corktown.   Slows is a classy BBQ joint.  I read that Slows is responsible for revitalizing this area.  It was really good.  The meat was tender and also not heavy as one would expect.  I wish we could have tried some of their alcohol drinks.  We were all too tired from the early morning.

Next to Slows is Astro Coffee.  I wanted to go to Astros forever.  We are always in the area on Mondays (when they are closed) and we miss it.  The coffeeshop is hip and people are nice there.  I think it surpasses Comet in Ann Arbor as my favorite Michigan coffee place.

So Friday with my family was very eventful and lots of fun.  Come on visitors, come on over.



In a few days my brother, sister-in-law and my mom are visiting us for the first time in Michigan.  This is pretty exciting.  Adam and I haven't really explored that much of Michigan even though we have been here for four years.

Can't wait to do some exploring with the family and show them some midwestern stuff.

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