Robert Hunter Wineries

The first winery of the day was Robert Hunter Wineries in Sonoma. We first met Kurt, who gives us a tour of the gardens. He gave us some history about the area, house and owners. The tasting happens in the winemaker's living room. What a treat!  Robert Hunter and his wife Anne also sat with us during our tour.  
Our tour guide Lyn, said that Bob and Anne met twenty years ago at a dinner party.  Bob is a great story teller and flung his arms (mid-story), hit a wine glass and poured red wine all over Anne's outfit.  They got married three month's after.

First tasting. Their signature sparkling wine (we bought two bottles).

Robert and Anne Hunter (in matching cable knit sweaters!). Really cute.
Some of our group. 

I can't wait to go back again. 


scenes from a car

this is what we drove in on our trip to napa.

artisan wine tours. it was awesome.


scenes from Berkeley

chorizo scrambler for breakfast

 berkeley has three types of bins: compost, regular garbage, and recycle.  the regular garbage is the smallest.
 berkeley art.  elephant made out of old rubber tires.

Caroline testing out a bike

snack/cocktail time.


thanksgiving dinner

My two favorite thanksgiving foods are pillsbury croissants and green bean casserole (things from a can and not very good for you).  We tried this year to class it up a little.  We made everything from scratch, and most of the items were organic, cage-free, kosher, etc.
Did you know that brussel sprouts are on a stem? I learned that earlier this year.
Our very delectable assortment of cheeses. Gourmet markets are awesome.
The Chez Mocks.
Our organic 14lb-er. I made that weight up.  I don't remember but the turkey was perfect.
Rolls.  It took three risings and four hours to make.
It's not a thanksgiving without cocktails.  Cranberry sangria.
An americana (bourbon and champagne).
Dinner.  We were on our feet from 9am to 7:30pm.  I felt like a waitress.  Our feet hurt soo bad from being the slaves in the kitchen.  Overall thanksgiving dinner was a success!


norcal bound

i need to pack, study for final, work on final project, paint, wedding stuff.. do you have one of those days you are thinking about a lot of things but can't accomplish a single task?
adam and I are san fran/napa/berkeley bound this weekend. i am so glad to be getting away. it is so cold here in Mount Pleasant.  We had flurries today.

happy thanksgiving everyone! have a good one!



i'm going to put scott speedman on my list. the allowed to date if he asked list. haha. he's from Canada, I hope one day I get to sit next to him at an airport or something.
be still my heart.  haha


master copy

my next project for painting is a master copy. we get to choose a painting to rework in class. i chose wayne thiebaud's cakes. i wanted to pick something i would enjoy hanging in the house. i like happy art. my first choice was actually a david hockney painting, then third choice was a magritte (a little dark). i think i made the right decision.
wish me luck. i have a B in painting.


i just ordered me some pink headphones. ladidaa.  i hope they fit my head.


dear santa 2010

 kate spade confetti coasters. so festive. i think may just purchase them for myself..
for my photo class and travels/festivities next year...

 thank you to my most awesome brother.  i will have adobe illustrator in a few weeks.

Dear Santa, for Adam.
 he needs a pair of boots for the cold Michigan winters (red wings for jcrew).
mac book air (11") for his equations and papers.



We drove two hours to the Somerset mall in suburban Detroit. The only decent mall in our area. Our first stop was to the Nordstrom bathroom. We walked pass a large mirror and had to ask Adam if it was a fat mirror. I was pretty shocked how large I looked. I am in serious denial. I asked Adam, "am i really this fat?" he replied, "you are not fat but you are fatter." oh man.. I wish I get some strength to exercise...

I guess the pizza I made friday doesn't help.... someone please talk some sense into me. be mean!

post edit: went for a little jog (i gave up while on it). it was the hardest jog ever. in my life. my teeth, face and ears hurt so bad.  also, my wii board makes this "ugghh" sound when i get on it..


dinner: white pizza with arugula

Adam really enjoys it when I make something new. I am the opposite, I order the same thing, cook the same things, have a million black cardigans. I didn't know what to cook and Adam suggested a pizza. 

I have been using an easy dough recipe found online but it tastes a doughy. Google easy pizza dough and that's the recipe i'm talking about.   I found this pizza recipe on Num Num Chronicles. It was fairly easy to make. The dough again felt undone (I used a different recipe).  I am doing something wrong. Note to self: call mom.
This pizza calls for a lot of cheese and olive oil.  I will try and use less of it next time.
Final result: Adam, "this pizza is so good." I felt it was slightly too oily..

recipe from num num chronicles


covet: things we love kate spade

I want this book so bad. I have kate spade advertisements since forever ago. also the Marc Jacobs ads photographed by Jeurgen Teller.  I can't figure out where to buy it... :(

i think i want gold confetti at our wedding...
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