happy (chinese) new year

today van took me out of my misery of not doing anything this weekend and we roadtriped to cabazon outlets in the desert. i say roadtrip becuase it took over two hours to get there. it was a whole day affair. i got two new sweaters from club monaco for $19 each (in navy and in a lavenderish color). i also got a new belt for $9. i went into other stores but they were filled with too many people and i couldn't handle it. i'm sick! haha. but overall good day. well i better continue cleaning the house so that my brother ryosuke will have somewhere to hang out in when he comes back to the states in a few days.

oh yeah, happy chinese new years kids. i've never had good chinese food in san francisco even though chinatown originated there when the chinese first imigrated into the united states. on another note: did you know that the fortune cookie was invented by a japanese person? yeah i figured something awesome like a fortune cookie would be invented by the japanese.
would anyone like to roadtrip to san francisco? i want to go up there and to portland and to seattle and if i had my passport to canada. wouldn't it be soo much fun?


i'm sick!

i've never felt this awful in a long time. i have a huge headache probably caused by my sinus problems and tension in my neck + shoulders. it's so bad i have no appetite (i know me!) and i can't even walk to the bathroom (although i managed to walk to the computer to post this blog (haha). yeah.. i'm gonig to force my brother to buy me some medication later.


happy birthday ian!

friday night marisa and i headed out to north hollywood to celebrate ian's 26th birthday. marisa got to my house a little before 9pm with a lee's sandwich and ice coffee. i missed them so much! marisa is my savior for bringing a #5 chicken baguette sandwich to me. love them. i can't get enough.

well this is a picture of ian's cake. dan gave me half of his cake because he wants to keep his trim figure. i left it on the table and by the time i ate it it was stale, dry and very melted.

here is a picture of the birthday boy. ian capilouto. he was the best host making us a wonderful drink called the captain capilouto. it has rum, vodka, cranberry, orange juice (i think). it is orange-pinkish in color, kind of reminds you of a merky pepto bismol.. but it does taste girly and makes you buzzed (my kind of drink). the art on the balloon was drawn by todd calvert who by the end of the party wanted to be known as lord calvery who likes the A-bomb. the crown is made by foil by the talented miss snow.

todd and joe and the talented gertie fox photographer sasha are hanging out in the kitchen. she takes all of the warped photo's of gertie fox at i believe mr. t's bowl? i haven't been there in forever. maybe it has been a year?

i'm still trying to figure out who's hand that is. i know, who cares but i do. if anyone knows let me know. ha

the birthday boy ian with todd and geoff. they are are ian's oldest friends. geoff he's known since kindergarden and todd he's been friends with since junior high. i'm sad i don't have friends from kindergarden left. well, i didn't speak english then so it would of been hard.. i do still remember guillermo (inez's junior high crush) and john paul (also inez's elementary crush). i wonder what happened to these boys? i guess i have some old friends.. taryn who i've known since like 2nd grade when she used to have a crush on thomas palanca III and people paired me with him also just because we were the only asians in the class.. and there is also inez who've i've known since the 5th grade which i think is pretty good we all keep in touch. i mean we all moved away from los angeles (me in the 8th grade i moved to torrance and inez to carlsbad in high school). i saw them both last year.

i think that nights dress code for the boys was sweater with the collared shirt. everyone looked very handsome that night.

joe having a deep conversation with sidney. she's funny and a lawyer, definitely should have her at all the parties.

in the background is guy (hi guy!) and talking to sasha the photographer. he sings in a band called something service i forget.

me and my brother (just kidding) but it really looks like him. to this day i have never seen a bruce lee movie. i dont' like action much. i'll watch it if i'm forced and i'll enjoy it then but i don't care for it. kind of like chinese food. i can eat it but its not my favorite. anyways, bruce lee hangs out in matt, ian, and joe's living room.

i'll post a pic of me and my two brothers when ryosuke comes to visit from japan next week. i don't think we have a picture together since we were children. it would be nice to give to my mom and my grandma. this means diet this weekend.

i love this picture of marisa. i think she looks pretty here and matt looks like a gladiator. marisa has nice teeth.. haha

me and the birthday boy taking a smoking break. well, i watched/supervised as the boys and marisa smoked in the outside designated smoking area.

i was very surprised how clean and nice the apartment was. i was expecting dirty and stinky (like their fullerton apartment haha). joe tells me elysia was the slob of the house..

matt, marisa, dan and me. dan likes to sit on marisa and i. we dont' mind because he weighs like nothing.. maybe we should have an intervention? i kid dan. i kid..

mr. todd calvert on the "dominatrix chair"

ian:matt:joe's apartment is painted purple. purple like eggplants.

by the end of the night todd was molesting zeina, calling himself the lord and justifying the US' atomic bombings on Japan.

anyhoo the party was lots of fun and my drunk dialing was limited to two people. ben is always #1, he never got the message dan! and second was made to clay who called me back when i was in the bathroom (washing my hands i wasn't sitting on the toilet).

next next week we will be having a debauchery in temecula at the stampede. everyone will be carpooling. doens't that sound like lots of fun? raise your hand if you have ever been to temecula?


bye bye oda san

friday the 13th was dinner for oda-san because she was returning to japan (permanently for her husband's job). i'll miss her cute ocean front apartment and leona-chan!

i thought that the dinner turned out well. it was the first time to see the uemura's. i avoided all things uemura clinic because it would be weird for me.

it was nice to be able to confront finally the former boss and wife, etc. etc. now its less weird when if i ever do run into them around town.

I posted this pic because i find it hilarious that only i am looking towards my camera. I also realized with this photo that i need to lose weight real bad. my face is looking pretty plump.

later that night i went to steve's work party. i was soo disspointed! no cute new boys(i sound like a she-whore)! it was soo bad i drunk dialed many people.. sorry to all! surprisingly i got a few drunk dials as well (clay and surprise surprise Brian). i dont' remember the extend of the calls but i do feel retarded making them.

i talked to clay and i told him i dont' feel like we are dating. he said that today was like a date (we did promenade and thai). i got to his house at 6:45 and he had to go to bed by 11 (well he is a teacher and leaves at 6:30 in the morn). i was craving for a coke so he said "if i give you the coke will you leave now?" haha. nice huh?



"doesn't sound like he likes you very much"

don't i know it.

ps. the ringer is possibly the worst movie i have ever seen in my life.


hello 2006

Top. eric james watson and yeni giving the finger
Bottom. eric james watson and yeni giving the finger

Top. eric james watson hi fiving sayaka
Bottom. Sayaka, Dan and Marisa

Top. Sayaka Slapping Contest (Greg #1 victim)
BOttom. Disciple Paul and Sayaka

Top. Group Hug
Bottom. Ian, Sayaka (unlit cig), Eric James Watson

Top. Dan and Sayaka acting like retards?
Bottom. Mexican Joe

Center. The ever so lovely Gigi.. i love this candid

maybe this will sum up new years eve 2005. haha any questions please let me know.
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