sucky mood

1. our save-the-dates are officially lost (to pay $400 for std's seems absurd!)

2. we are bridezilla/groomzilla

3. it's kinda hot here in mount pleasant

4. weddings are expensive. who are weddings for? i want to elope. adam says too late.

5. i suck at painting and graphic design.

6. there are more shit i want to complain about but why am i depressed?


i made pizza tonight for dinner. i finally made pizza dough from scratch. the recipe i found was easy and tastes way better than dijourno.

ps. thanks for helping me out with the photobooth!



tomorrow i get my first lesson in graphic design. super excited and a little scared.


hahaa -papparazzi

if you look really, really closely i can see us crossing the street

my dress

i'm fat!! i haven't been on walks or done any yoga in like 3 weeks...i was planning on yoga but woke up with a headache today. i used eyedrops and wore my glasses. my vision was still blurry. at 1pm i realized i forgot to take out my contacts last night and i was wearing both glasses and contacts at the same time the entire morning. what an idiot. i feel less ill now.


turkey burger with shiitake and daikon (i can't believe meijer sells daikon).
polenta, italian sausage and asparagus
can you believe i made this for two people?
enchiladas! adam said the chicken was a little dry...
made magnolia cupcakes for kristen's birthday

i made pizza dough for the first time! it was pretty easy. the pizza was a little under cooked but it works!



i want to look disheveled/put-together like this. i just got an email from my painting teacher. he wrote that he does not give A's (last semester he only gave out one A). we should drop the class now if we were looking for an easy A. scary!


save the dates

our save the dates might be lost.................. they are missing. :(



i had my very first graphic design class today. the teacher seems pretty knowledgeable so I am excited for the class. the class is filled with young graphic design majors. should i just get a second bachelors?
this is my new covet. Adam covets this as well so maybe we can buy it together? dun dun dun...

image via


cut hair

my mount pleasant hairstylist karen cut my hair today. ten inches? she is really fun. anyhoo, i feel about twenty pounds lighter (sorry for the sunglasses indoors shot). oh yeah, the salon i go to is called the upper cut. haha.


does this work?



you know i love me the photobooth.
we are thinking of getting one for the wedding. but of course,picky me wants the classic photobooth and not the cheesy wedding ones i've been seeing friend's post on facebook. do you know anyone?

photobooth pics of the kills


traveling east

adam's sister went to hong kong/cambodia/vietnam/south africa this summer for 40 days! well she mailed us an awesome package and the package is mostly for me. yes!


dennis hopper @ moca geffen

on our last day in LA we went to the dennis hopper exhibit at the MOCA. little tokyo was having some sort of festival which had a lot of weirdo's ended up being the Nisei week festival. anyway the exhibit was pretty cool and we ran into jason (the hopper fan) and mavis.

images here, here, here


cake tasting at vanilla bake shop

we went cake tasting at vanilla bake shop in santa monica. have you been to the new santa monica place? the place is a week old so we opted to skip this time. well anyhoo, cake tasting was pretty fun. we tried raspberry black & white, vanilla bean, strawberries & cream, and red velvet. i stupidly ate a cupcake before our tasting and everything was really sweet although i licked all the cream off the plate. are vanilla bake shop cupcake's famous?


we met sarah yates yesterday. she is super cute. she recommended michael from flashdance for a dj. i hope we can book them both. they look like a lot of fun.

photo via flashdance


rinko spike

rinko kikuchi has a big head (not that i can talk) and she seems a little on the bitchy side. can i say that? also dissapointed that spike jonze is not as cool as i imagined.. haha

'cause you know i am super cool.

image via hobo journal


viet noodle bar

we try to have lunch at viet noodle bar every time we come out to visit. this place is not very authentic but i like the overall simplicity of this place.
communal tables and paper books
vietnamese iced coffee
sardine bahn mi
pho ga


pack pack pack pack

ahhh. we are not done packing yet. i have to print out cake flower samples for the florist and baker..
from simple hue shop. i should buy a print from this shop too. very cute!


let them eat cake

we made an appointment with vanilla bake shop for a tasting! we have to bring some photo's as inspiration... what do you think? i think i want something simple.

one of the flavor's we are interested in is red velvet...
photo's via martha stewart weddings


how cool are these david zimmerman photographs? i am a sucker for aerial views and beach umbrella's.

i should buy a print for the house. it would be nice during the cold Michigan winters.

found via black eiffel



Do you think we eat too much starch/carbs?
Natto. fermented beans. My family loves natto. I was so ecstatic to find them in Lansing at the Asian market.
For a change I bought smoked salmon and bagels for breakfast...
Half-eaten salmon and lentil salad...
Turkey puttanesca sort of thing...
We grilled a filet mignon... I've been addicted to putting radishes on my salad.
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