summer over

I was trying to think what has happened since my last post in the beginning of august... 

I went back home, Adam went to Vancouver for a conference.. Adam met up with me in California.  We went to Mavis and Jason's wedding (got shit-faced and everyone thought Adam was hilarious. huh?).  Went on a Mock family vacation to Montreal for Randall's 70th (i mean 50th) and school started.
i guess that is an eventful month.

I also started taking ceramics this semester. It is pretty hard.  The good thing is that there is a bit of a commodores (misspell) because most of the class is bad at it.  I've am in the studio about ten extra houses trying to 'center.' Big mistake thinking this class was going to be easy.

I'm also taking printmaking this semester.  I don't like the kids.  They are kind of assholey.  Also, I've been in school so long, all the kids I like are gone.  
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