snail mail

i received some mail today in the post. yaay! a halloween card from allison + hubby and a postcard from disneyland from marisa, leslie and i think daniel? it looks like it was signed love Pat but i don't know anyone named Pat?



i hear that los angeles has been a little windy..
stay warm.

(i love liv tyler)



love this color... dsi

the new duck bag from baggu for lugging around groceries or laptop
a g-shock watch for my runs? haha who am i kidding..
i want!


i received a package from my mom via my brother. instant japanese curry and stew. my favorite!i think my mom has been picking up scarves and hats for me. most of this stash is not mine...

thanks mom!


look at what we picked up at the midland used book sale..

the secret diary of laura palmer (dun dun duun..)


dinner guest

adam and i were invited to our very first dinner party in mount pleasant by brian and emily (a cmu professor and a counselor, both northwestern alumnus and fellow foodies!)
gift for our hostess? apple cider from papa's pumpkin patch (emily has another bun in her oven).
gift for cody.. he took it for his bedtime story that night. cute!
Our host's were super nice, very welcoming and lot's of fun. We were very entertained.



these are the leaves in front of our house..
i kind of look like the predator here..

we've been eating a lot of donuts...



breakfast. a cafe au lait and english muffin with lots of butter.

adam and i have been addicted to english muffins lately. i buy two packs a week!

adam likes to read my blog and laugh at me..



adam and i stayed up talking about the paper's he will be submitting to next year. he is definitely set on going to cambridge, mass and possibly dun dun dun... FINLAND! very exciting!


sunday roast (kind of) + papa's pumpkin patch (2009)

neighborhood trees. they are soo beautiful.

adam decided last night that he wanted to bake a pumpkin pie. I suggested an apple pie since apples are in season right now.. pumpkin might be also.. so we were off to Papa's Pumpkin Patch again for apples.

giant pumpkins from the Pumpkin Patch

Is that a chicken?




We also needed some ground beef for our chili tonight.

Our butcher shop. Didn't get to buy our meat from there today. They were closed and only open for "deer processing," if you bring in a deer, they will cut it and package it up for you. People hunt here.

Adam's chili was very yummy. I ate so much my stomach is going to burst.

Adam's apple pie. It smells wonderful. I need to wait a littler longer before eating.. So stuffed.

the dress

i so want this dress so badly. maybe one day i will find the exact fabric and have someone make it for me. i think maybe i didn't like 5oo days of summer so much because it was too real for me. maybe i wanted a corny, happy ending..


where the wild things are

haven't seen a movie since we did the double feature (sneaking in thing).
really enjoyed the movie. adam thought it lingered a bit too long and did not understand it as well as i did. haha (don't take the young ones, might have nightmares..).

mom's birthday present

made an eggplant tote for my mom (i didn't make the tote but i painted the eggplant's).


sayaka's breakfast
adam's breakfast

can you spot the healthier person in this relationship?

adam is at his race today. he is doing a 5k. i, on the other hand am watching t.v. and browsing the internet.



we made carbonara for dinner tonight... well, mostly adam. it was really good.


what we've been devouring this week
adam made garlic chicken
i made a turkey burger with a ketchup/worchestershire sauce
i have been addicted to hot chocolate and adam likes hot cider and beer (not together)
greek yogurt with rasberries
i made spiced biscotti's! it was really easy to make. i added the hazelnuts to the recipe.

adam is yelling watching the dodgers/phillies game... yaay sports.



we received a letter from our landlady. here is an excerpt:

It is just about time for our little friends to begin trying to find winter homes. But we don't need any new roommates!! Best advice in the world: CLOSE DOORS QUICKLY as you come and go from your homes. And don't have a window open without a screen over the opening. With these two precautions observed, it's very unlikely that you will have any trouble. Bats are most evident at dusk and at dawn. They've got lots of important work to do outside; so, help them stay there!!
When i read the letter, i seriously thought it was a joke. I hope (praying) i never see a bat. Although Adam already had a bat experience. A bat (everyone thought it was a bird) came into the engineering building and flew around for awhile. Not sure how they got it out.. scary stuff.


online shopping..

new autumn reads (scott shulman's the sartorialist and domino's guide)
i've been doing too much online shopping...

on a side note: i was watching brooke know's best today. she has a gay roommate and he wants to go back to his hometown to come out to his parents. he's from clare, michigan (a few miles north from mount pleasant). i just randomly landed on the channel. the show is pretty creepy..
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