Farmer's Market

Today, Mount Pleasant had a dew point of 80 degrees. Not sure what that means.. That is meteorology talk.My yoga teacher, Heather, mentioned Mount Pleasant has a farmers market during the summers. Adam and I checked it out for the first time. We picked up a lot of vegetables to grill (new potato's, michigan peaches, tomato's zucchini's). They also sell steaks!!
Tonight I made turkery burger's again! Basil from our garden!

This tomato is the first tomato from our garden. I was super excited to taste it but it wasn't very good. The texture was kind of like watermelon?
What Adam does outside when grilling. Harper's and a beer... I think this is his alone/man time..
We tried grilling the turkey burgers with shiitake mushrooms.
The grilled turkey burger was not as good as I hoped. Maybe we cooked it too long?


Anonymous said...

your tomato is pretty! :)

sayaka said...

pretty but not tasty :(

we are sticking to the heirlooms. delicious!

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