royal wedding

i was one of the people who was hating on all the coverage of the royal wedding. for some reason i decided last night to wake up early to watch it. i didn't wake up early enough but caught the first kiss. her dress was beautiful.
image via vogue

this link is pretty funny here (on how people reacted).

screens and wedding

the smogshoppe has a screen that people show movies during the wedding. i am "researching" movies that would be appropriate.  we have five kids coming.

i watched the planet earth series.. but i dont want to see a frog/worm/bat while eating.

so we decided on:

1. Bambi: when adam was little, his mom took him to see bambi. during the fire scene when all the animals are fleeing, adam goes into hysterics. his mom thinks it is because the mom dies. :( she told me the story when we first met. adam later told me, that he was probably too young to enjoy it yet. wow bambi was made even before all our parents were born!

2. royal tenenbaums: i like the film shots and the typography (futura!). i can't remember if it was inappropriate.

3. le ballon rouge: i can't remember where exactly i saw this for the first time. i just know i was very young.  i purchased the dvd a few years ago. it makes me cry everytime. adam's aunt did her phd thesis on this film.



do you think someone will get this for us or am i just dreaming?


striped shirt neon

i totally love these shirts. they are lightweight and perfect for summer travels. i typically do not wear neon or any color for that matter.. but these shirts i really loved.  i can't buy them though because adam called me a shopaholic and i want to prove him wrong.  i'm only going to buy necessities from now on.

from here buy at banana republic


ice cream and immigrants

today we received an ice cream maker from adam's friend. anyway, i can't wait to make some ice cream. not yet though, mount pleasant hasn't quite warmed up yet.

image here



my friend was a maid of honor for a friends wedding. she told me a few months shy of the wedding that their friendship was over. i didn't believe her. she jokes about things all the time. i figured it was one of her pranks. a few years later, they are still not speaking.

now that i am planning the big day, i can understand how this might happen.

more advice from (seasoned pros in my inner circle, who would of thought?)  adam and sayaka:

-don't have a wedding (we cannot wait for this to be over)
-learn how to deligate? i think i'm frustrated all by myself..
-don't invite everyone. i should of just invited the few. i didn't think everyone was gonna come!

will update more later.

beautiful big sur wedding from here

post edit: i think those dresses are jcrew in spiced wine!



after the wedding, i might consider getting an arabelle dress for myself..


fat fat fat fat fat

i'm not exercising or dieting. what kind of bride am i?

today we went to dinner after a egg-decorating party. i ordered ribs (a full rack) and beans.  the waiter said a girl has never ordered a full rack with beans before..
i need some sort of something to get me healthy... what's wrong with me?

why can't i be naturally thin like audrey? i guess even the thin work out (ala gwyneth)



people have been asking me if i'm excited that the wedding is coming up in a couple of weeks. i am not. i am nervous and angry. i hate all of it. plus, add finals, projects due and final touches for wedding. favors not decided. is this normal? i can't think and i'm eating a lot. stress eating? my dress is tight. what if it doesn't fit? shit, i haven't ordered spanx. does it work? aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
don't have a wedding is my advice to everyone.

also hair thing, i think i can curl the bridesmaids hair.... (wow, i already had a "shit" label)

photo via bonnietsangblog


palm springs

this past weekend was coachella. omigod, i can't remember the time i went for radiohead and the pixies. was it five or six years ago? well, i'm still wearing a down jacket here so i dream about wading in the pool in palm springs..

maybe i shouldn't 'cause i'm a fat ass. on a somewhat related note, i watched bridget jones this weekend and she's like i'm fat (she weighs 20lbs less that my current weight)! deppression time.
photo from garance dore


the zero-waste home

i watch the today show before class every morning. today, they introduced a couple in california who doesn't have any garbage! they bring mason jars, bottles,mesh bags, shopping. cheese, meats go in mason jars. they use toothpaste power in a re-useable jar and bio-degradeable toothbrushes from australia. they avoid clutter and limit to things that can fit into a container. they don't buy anything in boxes. they buy pasta, grains from their co-op with cloth bags.

adam and i bring our totes shopping always. we also have mesh bags for vegetables. this article is a real eye-opener, it makes me want to try a little more and reduce our trash intake.

some new things i learned from this article is that plastic (#1 + #2 plastic) once recycled cannot be recycled again. those type of plastic also end up in the landfills.

photo's from the sunset article here

bea johnson's blog here


all clad

adam is super duper excited for the all clad cookware. i think they are the type that chef's use. they also can go in the oven.

post edit: someone just purchased a $150 food mill! yes!
post post edit: i hate that i can see how much a person spent on us. i accidentally started a excel sheet of gifts...
i want a mixer, laguiole set and.. a fryer. wow.. are we being greedy? one of my joys in mount pleasant is cooking...



so initially for the guestbook i wanted people to sign a postcard instead of a traditional guestbook. i have a lot of postcards collected throughout the years but not many of los angeles (cause i lived there no need to collect..).  i don't know if i'm going to be able to find LA postcards in time. i'm looking online but not finding any good ones.. i tried to make an i love la one but it is not cool enough.

so i am thinking of printing a poster that people can sign
or take instant photo and some sort of guestbook for people to sign.
which do you think is cooler?

instax camera via



advice for brides

1. elope (weddings are expensive!)
2. invite only people who you want to share your moment with

i just facebooked the people who haven't replied to the invite.  i'm going to call people next. am i a bitch?



i am in the library studying for a photo test tomorrow. i never do well on these tests (because i browse the internets rather than study). it's on the technical stuff. i also have to come up with an idea for my final project. due tomorrow.
when i let adam know about my plans  to study in the library and skip out on our regular sunday errands, you should of seen the smile he gave me.  he was really happy to be getting his alone time.

so instead of studying. i wish i were wading in the water somewhere warm..

photo by osamu yokonami


honeymoon canceled

maybe. adam is super busy with work and with planning our wedding and my last month of school is stressing me out so i gave up on the honeymoon. i told him we can delay a year and have a mini-moon. adam has been doing some looking around but who plans a honeymoon a month before?
some good news! my friend's friend is going to do make-up for five for $200!


fleur de sel

when adam is sad/busy/overwhelmed i bake something for him. not good for my figure.. :P

russian scowl

this is me! no one talks to me at jcrew and everyone helps adam when we are there.. i just have a bitchy face.

illustration by kris atomic here

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