travel: cleveland

in about a week we will be roadtripping to ohio for the first time (no wait, adam went there a year ago for a conference). it will be my first time in ohio.  adam got tickets to see a show in cleveland. the crystal castles.  dude, i am way too old and unhip to be attending a crystle castles show.  wish me luck.

i think it is five hour drive from mount pleasant... very exciting stuff.

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watch: mindy project

i LOVE this show.  

it's really good.  i even got adam to start watching with me. that's big.

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where gifts go to die...

i'm not sure how it started but every christmas, we get sister caroline stupid gifts. usually the infomercial variety.

i saw this thing on gilt or fab and thought perfect! it is so silly.. i don't know if anyone would actually buy/use this. i would have bought it but $80 seems a little steep to spend on a gag gift that is heading into the junk drawer.

is this a joke?

adam does own this.  i know, what dummy buys that (this dummy did).  he used it for a few oversea trips but it has since been retired.


girls hbo

are you watching girls? i watched the pilot episode last year and didn't think too much about it. i bought the first season on dvd anyway and started watching it with adam. he didn't like it very much so i have been watching it on my own.

anyway, i just finished the first season. it is pretty good. 

this is one of my favorite episodes. it is called "Welcome to Bushwick aka the Crackcident." 

so good.
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