caroline went to africa to climb mount kilamanjaro a few weeks ago.  she brought us back a present.
a lovely striped scarf!
me on our after-dinner walk. it is starting to get a little chillier so the scarf is perfect!

ps. this is me shorts made from adam's castoffs :(



our friends S + V have awesome art in their home. they are artists (photographer and jewelry designer) and have a ton of artist friends equals great collection.
we are looking for more art to add to our collection of film, concert, class projects to our walls.

i want an ed ruscha print but i can't really find any online...

this photo is sofia coppola's apartment. i spy a ruscha print.


jenna lyons

i love jenna lyons and her office (just like every other girl out there)...

trying to find some inspiration for our office space...

photos via


david lynch

a cool photo of david lynch during the making of blue velvet (adam's favorite movie). we are planning to have a little screening (a yearly ritual) soon.

image via



so last week we had our very first visitor from california. ian lives in chicago but technically he's from california so...  anyway i had a ton of fun reminiscing. we've been friend's for ten years now. we can't agree on where we met (i say jason garcia backyard party.. he says it was a show?).

i do remember him thinking i was a weirdo...


i love this

anything los angeles makes my heart flutter.. i should get a masters in history with a specialty in los angeles. but i could really get a phd in celebrity culture. test me.


covet: crochet toms

i tore my red ones to shreds.. i want these next... these would have been nice for the honeymoon...



today we went whale watching for the first time.  it was a pretty fantastic experience.  i love boats and watching things. :) the tourguide said we had a good day since we saw six humpback and four finback whales and a breach!

Bar Harbor

We arrived in Bar Harbor late last night.  It took two planes, a slow-service dinner, a three hour drive- but Maine is so very gorgeous.  I can't wait to eat lobster!

image via vogue.com here



look at what i found on the side of the road in LA.. i think we will keep it.

babies and kids love adam for some reason...
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