anniversary #2

today is adam and my wedding anniversary. our second year. it feels really long because we met seven years ago this year. crazy. where does the time go? anyway, i got really lucky because he is a great guy.

this happened this morning.

s: do you have something to say to me?
a: No (it wasnt a regular no.  it was a sassy and a little defensive no).
s: (my eyes water)
a: oooh, happy anniversary

later on at dinner..

a: did you buy me a present?
s: no. did you?
a: no.
s: you haven't bought me a present since 2007.
a: you buy yourself a present all the time.

its true.



i am eating a grapefruit as i type this.

wanna know something embarrassing? my mom peeled the skin of my grapefruit way into adulthood. maybe i don't like eating fruit because my mom salted my apples (so they don't brown) and skinned my grapefruit.
i'm spoiled if you already didn't know that. 

anyway, my mom is my hero.  happy early mothers day.

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all A's

semester is over and i got all A's. yaay!

ps. i want this print..
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