omg, how many things have you said on this video. how shameful.


jane goodall

Jane Goodall is coming to speak at CMU in March.  Adam got us tickets to see her.. I just realized I have class that day.. I hope I can go...



same or similar?

so we saw brad goreski from rachel zoe project at a restaurant in puerto vallarta.  he was seated next to us for a little bit. 

  i haven't watched his new show. do you know if its any good?

left by brad goreski, right by sayaka nasu


dilemma: weddings

two weddings, two states, finals, one weekend.  can i do it?

about to beg, adam says not to pray for stupid things. haha

*sorry, i dont know where i got this image :(



when i am sad, mates of state always makes my day better.

i think a mates of state concert was our fourth date. i wore a vintage dress. i don't wear them anymore because i am a fattie. 

snow is here

we got our first snow storm last night.  it went from no snow on the ground to winter wonderland overnight. 

i'm looking for winter boots for adam.. does anyone know of any cool ones i can get him?



i love this cover of this book. it is set in the midwest but it's about baseball. maybe for adam?


back to michigan

We got back to Michigan a few days ago from family/relax time in Mexico and family/friend time in California. I forgot about the weird desert climate in LA (warm days/cold nights).  it was pretty funny when people are dressed in winter garb and we are just in a cardigan (have we acclimated to Michigan weather?). 

It is good to be home.   Although the weather is acting up here in Michigan.  No snow on the ground. This is really rare for January (everyone is freaking out).  I'm hoping snow just won't make it here until next year. :)


new years resolutions

1. shed a few pounds (adam and i can wear the same clothes)
2. look for non-couple friendships (a little hard in michigan when people our age have like 3 kids)
3. get two A's next semester
4. read more books (no emily griffin)
5. don't hold grudges (you are only hurting yourself)

6. explore michigan/take weekends (adam and sayaka's joint resolution)

good list?


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