korean bbq

in the afternoon, my co-workers decided to get together for korean barbeque. we went to this place called tahoe galbi for all you can eat meat for like 20 bucks. we all had lots of fun(btw adam hates asian food).

afterwards we had coffee and dessert at this fancy korean cafe. we talked about nakano-san and work because she is leaving for japan next week. we are all very sad. :( she is one of the reason's i decided to work for the company. this was based on niceness and style and prettiness :)

farmers market

i've been addicted to farmers market's lately. we go to the silverlake market saturday mornings and the atwater village market on sundays. i like picking flowers for the house and vegetables for cooking dinner. i prefer the atwater village market to the silverlake market because the people are less sceney at the atwater village market.

here are organic eggplants from the farmers market.


jose gonzalez

yesterday my friend scott and his girlfriend rachel drove up to la from san diego.

adam and i met them at the grove for dinner. we all ate at the gumbo pot (in the farmer's market). adam had gumbo, scott had catfish, rachel had crabcakes and i had the jumbalaya.

we then quickly drove to the wiltern for the mai doi todd and jose gonzalez show. it was pretty lovely. adam said that it was one of the best shows he's been to in a while.

there were soo many people to make fun of there. a hipster girl had a peacock feather pinned to her jacket. okay, nothing unusual except the feather was two feet long!

there was this strange couple that sat in front of the show. the guy was a douche and the girl looked mod-ish and all she did the whole time was jump on the boy's lab and mess with her hair. it was pretty frustrating to the people behind her.

scott and rachel are moving to la in a few months. i'm really excited. scott wants to live in los feliz. we already made plans to have breakfast together, go hiking, saturday dinners. rachel and scott will host the dinners, adam and i will go to eat. haha. exciting!


my walk to the grocery market

i always pass by this plant on my walk to the grocery store on los feliz boulevard. such a pretty view under an train underpass.



yeni and i always pass by this plant to and from the gym. adam tells me it is a honeysuckle plant.
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