saturday lunner

saturday i did some shopping with marisa (she needs a bikini for kelly's beach and i wanted to find a coverall for my bathing suit). then later we called out marc for lunner at ye olde ship in fullerton.

i had fish and chips.. god, i love fish and chips soooo much. more than boys i think.. haha
i also had a scotch egg. i really can't explain what it is.. but you can get it hot or cold, i chose hot.. it is a little salty but tasty.
marc had a mariners meal with bangers not bacon...

i think this post is making me hungry and wanting to visit london now..


my weekend..

my weekend was pretty fun. i think these photos will sum everything upi love this picture.. i took it while driving and i have pretty good aim for someone paying attention to the road :) i crammed six people into my corolla and we hung out in hollywood. i forget the name of this dirty dive bar we went to. ye olde something in los feliz on the opposite side of the drawing room.
marisa, ian and joe drinking beers and smoking their rolled cigs outside the hesby house. tiffany, vivian and i were inside watching the last of sliding doors. love that movie
me riding dan's bmx bike. like my new dress? a very tall, burly man came up to me at the jockey dive bar to tell me "your dress is really great." an asian girl "ice-grilled" (as dan put it) outside the bar but i think only because she was admiring my dress.
dan and marisa having a photoshoot in the living room of the hesby house *note dan wearing sayaka's slip.


a place in the sun

every summer my friends and i attend the cemetary screenings at hollywood forever. we pack up a picnic basket, blanket, wine and good company. last year we saw carrie, sullivan's travels, i forget what else. our first screening this year was for a place in the sun with elizabeth taylor and montgomery clift. emily and marisa got to my house at 5:30pm and i drove to hollywood.

that's us drinking sofia canned sparkling wine while waiting in line for the cemetary to open.. i don't think we are allowed to be drinking out in public...
this is emily and i having a photoshoot in front of douglas's grave.. in perfect timing a boy comes near so we had him take several pictures of us.. haha

emily made fantastic chicken sandwiches and brought bottled sodas in her samsonite vanity case.
emily and marisa eating
us girls (photo taken by jason our new cinematographer friend, he could not watch us take terrible pictures... haha)
cinematographer and our new friend jason with jesus
marisa and emily with june bug protectors (aka cloth napkins). apparently we are in june bug mating season and we were attacked by ugly june bugs. lots of fun..
me with the june bug protector.. we look like dutch maidens..

the screening was lots of fun.. we have to get some of this fabulous wisconsin cheese our neighbors "the writers" gave us. robustus cheese from whole foods..


i'm really milking the birthday thing this year

so last night van, mindy, christle and i went to cheesecake factory to celebrate mine and christle's may birthdays. it was lots of fun and it was great catching up with the girls who i haven't seen in forever. mindy still had her mercedes (her boyfriend johnny crashed it), christle was happy with her boyfriend (now she is in the process of ending it) and van is no longer blond (she's a brunette now). me? i got dumped and got thin. boo so not interesting.mindy and christle and my bellini (soo good)

van with her eyes closed and me looking awfully manly

group pic (i wish i dressed up)

van and i

miss mindy and christle

our birthday sundaes were soo yummy!

white chocolate rasberry cheesecake i believe it is the best selling cheesecake nationwide at all the cheesecake factories.

we go to cheesecake at 8pm and we were there until 12pm! well he had lots of catching up to do. haha.. afterwords we went over to visit the boys and i actually kareoked! we did this game on a playstation. it was lots of fun and i think i'm putting that on my wish list for next birthday.

today is sooo incredibly hot i have to get out of the house. i bet santa barbara is really nice...



so this weekend was my birthday weeekend.. well, last weekend was also my birthday weekend but this weekend (6/03) was the weekend my friends came out to celebrate.

friday night i went shopping with marisa (for our party outfits). we then headed out to manhattan beach to eat at bayan's (yeni and my favorite indonesian restuarant). oh my god, the shock of our lives it was closed (i think for good)! anyhoo headed out to versailles my favorite cuban restuarant also in manhattan beach (my favorite of the chain is on venice but clay ruined it for me). marisa treated me out to dinner for my bday.. yaay.

saturday morning kyoko san (my ex-coworker) and i decided to meet up for coffee, then decided to meet at whole foods but ended up at her house in hermosa beach. i've known her since i was in junior high and it was my first time at her place. her home is soo huge and pretty. it's three stories and has like three balcony's and it overlookes the beach.. i'm like can i come over again? she said yes. i left after lunch and dinner.. haha.

i took a 5 minute powernap and got ready for my shindig. marisa arrived at my house at 6:20 and we headed out to silverlake. our first stop was the red lion tavern. here is a pic of my friend rich's sausage platter. yummy!
here i am w/ my friend emily. she owns a house in orange and has the greatest style. i can't wait to go flea market shopping with her. emily loves cary grant. she even dated a boy with tattoo's and cary grant hair.
ian's sausage dish.. i dunno what it was but ian says it was tasty.
marisa and emily at the red lion
the reason i love the red lion. the fish and chips there are the absolute best.. a german bar and i've never ordered anything else. haha.
dan ruhe bought our whole group a round of drinks. when are we going to the zoo dan ruhe?
cheers! yaay!

this is me and viktor's girlfriend tanya. she is an environmentalist and such a sweetie. she and viktor love sushi.

marc and i
geoff, me, ian, joe and gigi
me and dan the man
emily, gigi and ian
matt, me and ian
geoff, me, vivian
hiro and i. he bought me some gross shot. i wanted to hang out with his girlfriend but i find out she's like 19 or something. why do guys date girls that they aren't interested in? guys are dumb.
the gorgeous Ms. Emily in the cha cha bathroom
me in the cha cha restroom

joe and woodie nelson
steve and woodie
me and viktor. he wrote me the sweetest email. it said he was so happy to have met me, marc, steve, lisa, etc. he's so awesome.
me and my lovely mavis.. she hates this picture.. i'm so glad her and jc made it.
rich at cha cha's (everyone got along real well with him)

me and vivian molesting the wall

wow, i had teh most amazing time.. thanks to all that made it.. i can't wait to go back to cha cha's.. and red lion for fish and chips. would anyone like to join?
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