i hoped that i would see someone famous. we saw tila tequila at LAX. then tom arnold was on our plane to maui. next day we ate lunch near nicky hilton and family. yesterday, adam and i hung out at the beach for a little bit before dinner. some people were having a conversation right next to our chairs. i look over and it's paris hilton's dad and boyfriend. then i see paris. i notice that she matches her sunnies to her swimsuit. the picture below is the day we saw her.

i hope when we are in la we will see someone more of my liking and not d-listers. :)



the yoga studio i go to is pretty awesome. i can't wait to take my future visitors to class. the teachers are nice and really great yoga instructors.. the students are also friendly (might be a michigan thing) and makes it a fun place.. i've been going for over a year now... i can't believe it.
there is one funny thing, a lady in my class farts. a lot. during class. same person, i've practiced next to her on several occasions.. thank god they are not smelly.


warm weather...

by this time next week we will be in hawaii... i've missed you beach..


covet: couch

I've been thinking about a white sofa lately. a comfortable white sofa. In Los Angeles, Adam had this great light mustard color sofa in his living room. well, the house we live in currently is 100 years old.  the couch can not go through the front door or back door.  The nice mustard sofa has been living in the garage for a year and a half.  The sun goes through the window in the garage and has ruined the sofa. 

Adam had a futon couch in his office. That is our current couch in the living room. So this is the reason I am coveting a white couch at the moment.
... well a white couch might now be a good idea. this year i spilled red wine and chocolate on said futon.. maybe a white couch is a bad idea...



we have been having such a pleasant weekend even though there is a snow storm warning in effect. i feel like snowfall brings peacefulness to a town. everyone stays indoors.  so cozy (i hate the word).  we used the fireplace for the first time..

can you see the snow falling? it's been non-stop all day.
hunter welllies and a down jacket to pick up the paper from outside.
our sidewalk
we have been eating a lot of comfort food this weekend. grilled cheese and tomato soup. courtesy of adam's dad and zabars.
potato knishes for lunch
and chez adam will be cooking a pot roast for dinner tonight. so lovely..


films to see

One of the things I miss about living in California are the movies that come into town. I have movies throughout the year I want to watch but the closest screenings are in New York. I hate those words, "now playing in limited theatres in Los Angeles and New York."

I hope I will have time to watch Black Swan when I am home in a few weeks. Looks scary.. 8.9 rating on imdb.
and Sofia Coppola's Somewhere.. I saw an interview of Sofia recently where she wrote the movie partly for being nostalgic about her hometown while living in Paris. I share her sentiment.



a third comment from Dudley. thanks to yeni and toshiro who signed even before i started begging...
he also included a "f you" in there. Two points.


beautiful thunderstorm

how gorgeous is this thunderstorm?
I am soo happy that finals and classes are over.  I ended up enjoying and will miss both classes.  I had a nice conversation with both teacher's after class accidentally.  I told my graphic design teacher that I maybe would want to get a second bachelor's in graphic design.  He said to email him because the program is very competitive. yikes. maybe find another major?



I've been doing some research for meat and cheese clubs. Zabar's in New York was one of the places i looked into.
Lo and behold a few days later a big package from Zabar's arrives..
Adam's dad sent it to us for christmas. 
The package has lox and (NY) bagels, cookies, and lot's of goodies.
I watched You Got Mail on the telly and they filmed a scene at Zabar's.  Anyway, did I say the cookies are really good? I scarfed down three before dinner.  Soo bad.


tree shopping

last weekend we went shopping for a christmas tree. there is a tree farm a few miles from our house called Schaeffer's tree farm. We bought our tree from them last year too.
yea, i notice everything.  like when we went to the pumpkin patch i saw a dead mouse on the ground.  i wish i wasn't so observant.

we won't be able to enjoy the tree too long so we got a small one. 


dear santa 2010

le crueset heart casserole. what will i use it for? not sure but i will. adam says i'm a gourmet chef now. :)
looking for a lens. what's a good one to start off with?

i want the camera part. i don't need an iphone yet but a fourth ipod would be neccesary?
i'm boosting the economy. that's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.



we have individual critiques tomorrow and you know what i've been doing all day. not doing that. just hibernated and tried to stay warm. my process book is awful. i hate it. i guess i will be spending time in the lab this weekend.
gotta go paint my final project too.. yikes.



it went from no snow to white winter the next day. i can't believe it's here already... a year went by so quickly.  is that one of the signs of old age? shocking.


Robert Hunter Wineries

The first winery of the day was Robert Hunter Wineries in Sonoma. We first met Kurt, who gives us a tour of the gardens. He gave us some history about the area, house and owners. The tasting happens in the winemaker's living room. What a treat!  Robert Hunter and his wife Anne also sat with us during our tour.  
Our tour guide Lyn, said that Bob and Anne met twenty years ago at a dinner party.  Bob is a great story teller and flung his arms (mid-story), hit a wine glass and poured red wine all over Anne's outfit.  They got married three month's after.

First tasting. Their signature sparkling wine (we bought two bottles).

Robert and Anne Hunter (in matching cable knit sweaters!). Really cute.
Some of our group. 

I can't wait to go back again. 


scenes from a car

this is what we drove in on our trip to napa.

artisan wine tours. it was awesome.


scenes from Berkeley

chorizo scrambler for breakfast

 berkeley has three types of bins: compost, regular garbage, and recycle.  the regular garbage is the smallest.
 berkeley art.  elephant made out of old rubber tires.

Caroline testing out a bike

snack/cocktail time.
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