we had a party last night at the mock-nasu chateau. well a small gathering. it lasted till the am.

now, we are off to start packing for our last vacation for a little while.

i want this hammock!



today my brother and elena are in the la times. adam thinks this is more exciting than his paparazzi shot last year (here).
when i read the article, my old coworker's brother (he's a professor of architecture at ucla) is on the board of this thing and is part of the article? anyway, this is exciting!
article here

hot weather

okay, so it is really hot in mount pleasant right now. we took a walk to the post office and i thought i was going to pass out. adam said maybe i've acclimated to the michigan weather.. i definitely prefer the cooler weather, doesn't any normal person?  i just wish i could enjoy it because hot weather is so brief here. the mid-west and east-coasts are suffering from a heat-wave right now(90 is way better than 102 in okc).

we went to sleep with all the windows open so when it started pouring at 2:45am this morning, we got up to close all the windows. we both woke up with headaches. any tips for staying cool? we live in an old house with no air-conditioning. i'm thinking of getting a second fan? is that excessive?
image from the nyt. i think i should make these pops...



today is our two month anniversary. it has also been the longest two months of my life. adam agrees. but i am the luckiest girl to have found adam. he is the best husband i can ask for.  who else can put up with me?

awwhhh yeaahh.. at least we made the photoboxla blog here



this past week was one of those weeks that made me so happy to be living in michigan. we went kayaking for the first time on the river (we saw a bald eagle and baby turtles). it was so much fun even though we were pretty terrible at it.

stacy and vannie had us over for impromptu cocktails and ribs after we ran into them at the recycle center and market. the ribs were delicious!
image by Alex Maclean



have you ever read the blog orangette before? i've been reading molly wizenburg's blog for  several years now.  the blog is so lovely, i wish could write as beautifully as her.  very heartwarming posts.

i recently picked up her book called a homemade life. when adam came home, he noticed the book on the living room table and questioned me about it, "where did you get that from?"

i told him i picked it up just because. he thought i was playing some sort of trick on him because he went to grade school with her.  i knew she was from oklahoma but how do you remember first and last names of people you went to elementary school with? he says his school was very small.
another example was Jonah Lehrer. we were kind of obsessed with his books a few summer's ago and ben told us that they were all in the same class at columbia.



my favorite breakfast as of late- avacado on an english muffin.



hope you had a wonderful weekend. it is getting hot in mount pleasant.  we did a lot of grilling, watched fireworks, had drinks with our neighbors and took walks around our neighborhood. this is the life.

 tonight we are canoing and doing fireworks!

image from here
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