walking shoes

I want to look stylish especially when we are heading to New York.  The weather report said that it was going to be rainy and a little bit cold, so I decided to bring my swedish hasbeens.  They are pretty comfortable straight out of the box.

These boots have been popular with Brooklyn/Tomboy celebrity set (ie. Chloe Sevigny, Michelle Williams, SJP, etc).

I guess I should remember that when we head to a city, we will be doing a ton of walking.  Anyway, we missed a bus to a subway stop so we ended up walking to that stop.. plus walking around the MOMA, my feet were killing me.  We made a stop to the Niketown and Adam bought me some new sneakers. Spoiled!
I got a ton of compliments from waitresses and strangers on the street.  Adam said that he would see people looking towards us but they were checking out my shoes.  Adam said he wanted to tell them, "she ain't that cool." Haha.

Anyway, note to self: ALWAYS bring sneakers to NY.
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