napa valley

guess where we are spending our new years? in napa!

oklahoma snow

every christmas adam takes a holiday to new york and oklahoma with this family. they spend about a week in new york and another week in oklahoma.

adam sent me this photo of his family's house in oklahoma city. it's snowing! i haven't seen falling snow since yeni and i visited brian in fairlawn when we were nineteen years old!

maybe i'll get lucky and see snow next week on our holiday (*crosses fingers*).


work christmas party

tonight is my work christmas party.. i'm the photographer of the evening :) i'll let you know how that pans out.


michael urie

michael urie plays marc on ugly betty. he reminds me a lot of adam. haha. don't tell him i said, i don't know how he would take it. but i think michael/marc is adorable!


dlist celebrity sightings

yesterday adam and i had brunch at tasca. my favorite place to dine, wine and brunch. the waitress recognized us and she said she remembers nice people. awwhhhh.

dining outdoors at tasca was ryder strong from boy meets world fame.

later that night, we had dinner with anne and ben at farfalla. we talked about our "celebrity sighting," and it turns out (anne, adam, and ben) they all went to columbia together. ben even had ryder strong in his buddhism class.

after dinner we had plans to see raamla's student film at usc. we paid our bill and outside of farfalla was kai from queer eye for the straight guy. haha. only anne and i got excited. ben was slightly amused.


emily's bash

last night was also emily's 4th annual christmas exchange. emily has a girls only white elephant party right before the holidays. we each bring a gift around the 20-30 dollar range. we sit in a circle and watch each person open a gift. the next person in the circle can either steal one of the opened gifts, or open a new gift. i ended up stealing emily's gift which was a set of girl dvds (the notebook, the devil wears prada, and the holiday).

i had lots of fun and got to catch up with gigi. i haven't seen her since my birthday in early june. i met a new group of nice girls. it was a pleasant evening.

its christmas!

christmas present giving/opening came early for adam and i this year. adam will be leaving for new york and oklahoma to visit his family, so we decided to open our presents this sunday morning. i received half of the things on my wishlist. i am so happy.

1. ipod nano in pink

2. chocolate covered uggs (super warm and for our upcoming big sur trip)

3. css cd (music is my boyfriend)

4. cute christmas socks

5. tom robbins-another roadside attraction

6. paris cafe cd

adam broke the bank for me this christmas when he is still a struggling phd student.

i got adam a few things. he didn't ask for anything this year, so he was a bit difficult to shop for.

1. laguiole knives from anthropologie

2. stella season one

3. 24 season six

4. sweater/shirt from gap

5. penguin shirt

6. dishes on sale from anthropologie

7. sideways dvd (we took a trip to solvang this year.. the movie has sentimental value)

:) i hope everyone is having a happy holiday.


christmas wish list

uggs for the cold winter nights in los angeles.

a louis vuitton speedy

hunter wellies..

an ipod nano for the gym. my ipod is too bulky to lug around everywhere.


o christmas tree

adam and i bought our first christmas tree ever. well adam's first christmas tree in los angeles and my first real live tree.

i requested the big bulbs for our tree.

a tired adam and sayaka by the christmas tree..


crumbs cupcakes

we were ditched by our trainer two weeks in a row. yeni is more mad about it than i am. thanks to richard the trainer burdening us for half a month, he is going to kick our asses tom. can't wait.

yeni has been yapping about crumbs cupcakes for a while. after the gym with yeni, she gave me about a dozen crumb cupcakes. adam and i took them to ben and anne's to watch the usc v. ucla football game. holy moly! the cupcakes, a day old even, were.. "AMAZING" (quote the two most annoying young pilates class taking housewives sitting next to aroma this morning would say).

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