yesterday i wanted to go to cha cha's with steve, marc and the gang but no one was available to hang out. marisa had a date, lisa had to go to a show with her friend amy so i decided to just hang out with james who called me earlier. i wanted to take james to roscoes chicken and waffles plus i was craving some FRIED CHICKEN. haha. anyways i remember someone telling me there was a roscoes in carson and i found something on citysearch in COMPTON. I was low on gas but figured we would eat and get out of there. the directions were simple enough. get on 91, exit central make a left. simple right? so i follow my directions and we pass by (i kid you not) four fried chicken places. i keep driving a few more blocks when james says that we are going the wrong way. we head back the other way and drive for a few more blocks. no roscoes. i want my chicken and waffles so we go back again to look for 250 central or whatever the address is. nothing. now the gasoline light is no longer blinking. i better get gas (james is worried. ha). i stop by at an arco when this bum comes towards us. james says i'll pump your gas stay in the car. i would rather not but i was a little scared. the bum guy wanted to help us to get some change. i went to the gas attendant and asked about roscoes and he tells me that they have closed. darn. we could drive to la but we wre lost for 40 minutes and i didn't feel like driving another 40 to get there.. so i opted to take james to eat ramen. he said it was "okay, not the best." how could you james? we (the japanese) perfected teh ramen! i enjoyed my karaage ramen and gyoza.

anyways, i am determined to get my chicken and waffles. maybe clay would take me there? no.. too far of a radius mile from his house. maybe ventura james and yeni will meet me there?

seriously, look at waffles and fried chicken. my mouth is watering already. god, should i go tonight?
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