yuuki and asa took a weeklong trip to new york. this morning when i came into work, she had a ton of funny stories.

look at what she brought back for me:

sukie sticky notes! so cute! the only downfall is that they are too cute to use.



i'm a fan of the american version of the office. wednesday night's after dinner, adam and i like to watch an episode of the office before bed.

so i suggested to my friend toshiro and tams that we should go to chili's just like michael from the office. here are their responses.


Michael: "Here's the thing, 'Chilli's is the new golf course. It's where business happens.' Small Businessman Magazine."

Jan: "It said that?"

Michael: "...it will. I sent it in. Letter to the editor."

I'm in!! Let's set a date. Anyone open on the weekend? Friday/Saturday?

- T-dawg


lets sing:

oye como va

mi ritmo

Bueno pa' gozar

mi chica

i told adam about my plans and he decided that he wanted to be included in this activity although he won't be able to eat anything off their menu. too greasy.


gifts galore

adam always sends flowers to my office for valentine's (and my birthday). it makes my female co-workers very jealous. haha.

he also always gets me la maison du chocolat for valentine's (and christmas). these chocolats are amazing! i am a chocolate fiend and these are the best i have tasted so far.


i also received the junior season of felicity. he gave me the sophomore season last valentine's.

i got adam the le crueset dutch oven so he can make me more food. haha.

i also the complete two seasons of twin peak. toshiro also wanted twin peaks dvd for valentine's. maybe if i become rich.


happy valentines day!

my day has gotten off to a good start.

last night i made cupcakes with adam for my co-workers. i'll upload a picture later.
everyone is enjoying my cupcakes and this makes me happy.

also, i received an early delivery of flowers from adam. :D




What has been your biggest fashion indulgence?

flats, american apparel tee's, cardigans (not really indulging but staples to one's wardrobe?)

What is your signature scent?

tea rose(inherited from my mother)

What was your biggest fashion mistake?
socks and shorts

What item(s) do you never travel without?
chapstick, moisturizer,adam

What was the last film you saw?
atonement.. i enjoyed it very much.before that i saw there will be blood(violent) and juno (cute!)

What beauty products do you swear by?
blush and chapstick

What is on your iPod?
lot's of stuff people recommend(ie. scott, adam, tatsuya) but lately fun music for the gym (art brut, tapes n tapes, etc)

What was the last item of clothing you bought? a flowery lux shirt from urban outfitters

Where do you buy your lingerie?
i dont' own lingerie! although i have a few slips from anthropologie?

Which shop(s) couldn't you live without?
i am a fan of h&m, rose bowl flea market for dresses, melrose trading post for accessories, and target
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