i want to watch this

and this

of course i have to drive two hours to watch it. :) maybe i will have time to watch it when we are in la...


weekend update

we had an eventful (for us old-sters) weekend in mount pleasant consisting of friends, wine, dinner, neighbors, bbq, beer, boardgames and oh yeah, a rash/irritation from chopping up jalapenos.  yaay michigan!

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suger kick

i've been on a bit of a bad sugar kick lately. it is a little sticky in mount pleasant and i wish to be somewhere cooler.. i started using ice cream maker a lot since we've been back (which is a week). i made a cognac ice cream and now we are eating strawberry ice cream.  tomorrow i'm going to make a vanilla bean and a pizza for dinner. um.

i need to lose weight. i'm huge.



before i die, i would love to go to new england to eat lobsters. i went to legal seafoods in boston, but i would prefer somewhere near the beach and to eat with the hands. also a dozen oysters!

post edit: i should call my blog, "the wishes come true blog." we are  headed to the maine lobster festival next month!

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thank you nike frees

wore these through acropolis, agoura, roman forum and the colliseum. i looked like a asian mid-western mom but my feet were not killing me. thank you nike frees.

image from here


italian kick

b.i. (before italy haha) i limited how much pasta i cooked. a.i. (after italy) or since we got back on monday, i've been cooking dishes i remember from our trip or pasta.

tonight, i cooked tortellini with porcini mushroom sauce from bon appetite magazine. maybe i can't say cooked since it was the packaged tortellini. we got a pasta making machine as a gift, so i hope to make homemade pasta in the future.
dried porcini

final product.

recipe here



A thing I learned in Italy (from Adam, after I ordered an americano) is that Italian's drink cappuccino's in the mornings. They drink 'caffe' in the afternoon (an espresso).  We drank a billion cups of really delicious espresso during our two weeks abroad.
We've been making coffee with this in the morning since our return (wedding gifts from Puja and Ben).
Don't tell Adam I have been eating his birthday brownies from his cousin's.



stop four on our honeymoon was the lovely florence. i wish we could of had one more day in each of the cities. cramming so much into a one full day and one half day was pretty exhausting. cramming three museums with historic renaissance paintings in a day? crazy!

i don't remember what the pasta was but it was sooooo delicious!
the church where i saw the cast of jersey shore. i had to explain to english people who they were. haha


remember giotto's gates?
everything in europe is smaller including ups delivery.
florence is known for their gelato's and we took advantage of it.

i hope we come back and have a little bit more time to enjoy the city.



 grazie and prego <-- only words i picked up in italy.

 i wished i looked in the mirror before going out. i looked like such a frump.

 these signs were hilarious!



santorini is the most magical place i have ever been too. sorry for the lackluster post (i should probably not be updating while on the honeymoon-but adam won't wake up for a few more hours!). 

we stayed at the San Antonio Suites which adam claims the pictures don't do the place any justice. everything was perfect here. the front desk, the excursions, the spa, the people that worked there and event the other guests! if you ever have a chance to visit santorini and splurge at this hotel. do it! the place is still in a secluded area and not around any of the other tourist hotels. it was great!

update more later. i'm in venice now. the weather isn't cooperating with us and there are a ton of people here!



how to describe greece? i call it a dirtier paris. well the two days spent in athens was pretty awesome. i love europe because the cities are a mix of old and modern. you don't see that in u.s. since it is a new country. i love europe. in my next life, i'd to come back as a european.

oh yeah. food is amazing! i have not had a single bad food while here. everything is fresh and so good.the cheeses-so delicious!

anyway, we got to santorini today. i hope to take some pictures. it is probably the most beautiful place i have been to ever.
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