st petersburg

we are going to spend a few days in russia in during our finland trip!




sliced open my hand today doing the dishes. how? stupid me wanted to use the heinz can for a pencil holder was washing the can out and the jagged edge of the can went through my dishwashing gloves cutting my hand. great
i think i saw bone.


burnt fingers

i wanted to make some cookies today but decided not to. i burned my finger's yesterday while making cornbread (to go with the leftover jambalaya). i'm probably making a big deal out of nothing. sorry.funny thing happened on sunday. we went to a wilco show with adam's friend and his wife (marty and kristen). we decided to go early and eat greek food beforehand in lansing. we had a two-hour dinner because our entree's took over an hour to come out. we were getting ready to pay for our food and i see my art teacher. he was eating a table over with a girl, who looked like a student. haha. weird. that restaurant had three central michigan professor's in one room. okay, this story is probably not as funny as i think. sorry.


Adam made jambalaya on Saturday. the recipe is from Paula Deen's celebration's cookbook Adam's sister, Caroline got him for Christmas. i was expecting a crazy rich recipe but the jambalaya was delectable.


waiting for spring

did i say i was done with winter? well, i am. i want spring to come so i can finally go see lake michigan. {via}



not sure how it happened but adam became the resident breakfast maker every weekend. good thing because he is good at it. he learned a new trick. don't mix the batter too much. he also used sea salt's making the pancakes a bit salty. it was really yummy.



a got adam scrabble as part of his valentine's gift. he wanted to play it right away. he beat me by 35 points. i don't like to lose.



watched the professional today. it's pretty good. i had a good cry.


la maison du chocolat

adam ordered my favorite la maison du chocolat's for valentine's day.

he bought me the bigger box because i said the half pound is not big enough. adam listen's to my many demands. i am a lucky girl.




adam's sister caroline brought us these funny gifts
weird photo of us on our cruise
it's a puzzle!
his and her mugs. this is us posing at one of the many photo op's at the cruise
wedding etiquette/planning books

pretty cool gifts, right?



our first house guest ever in mount pleasant has arrived bearing gifts. i will post them soon. they are pretty funny.


atwater village farmer's market

omigod rachel bilson atwater village's farmer's market!

i miss atwater village and our local haunt's.

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