warby parker

it is super hard to find stylish glasses for someone with a big face like me. my current glasses are five years old and i purchased them at walmart of all places in the men's (grandpa) section.

a few weeks ago i read an article on the new york times about this company in brooklyn called warby parker.  they let you try the glasses for free (they ship them to you) and they are very reasonable ($100).

i'm going to email them to see if they have frames for the large face.

you can find the new york times article here and their website here.


covet: january

my sneaks are getting a bit tattered. i want some nike frees. they come oprah recommended and are very light. adam and i cannot pack light to save our lives. light shoes= a pound less of junk in our suitcases.
ipad. do i need it? probably not. when we went to a  cake tasting, they let us use it to look at their photos. a great idea for clients i think. do you use it at work?


bridesmaids v groomsmen

okay, i've known what the girls are going to wear since a year ago. i got one size back (Yeni). adam didn't know what the guys were going to wear until saturday (two days ago) and their suits are on the way to their homes as i type. i should just give them garbage bags to wear.
our rehearsal dinner is going to be on friday the 13th. dun dun duuun.

all of adam's groomsmen are thinner and taller? all of my bridesmaids are more petite than me. i hate being big-boned and oh yeah, fat.


funny girl

Today my back was killing me so i sat on the couch and watched funny girl for the first time. didn't think i would like it as much i did. a)they sing, b)Barbra Streisand and those weird fingernails. adam saw bits of the movie and thought it was funny.

I purchased a DVD on amazon tonight. The movie is based on a real person- comedienne Fanny Brice and her husband who was a con-artist and professional gambler. She doesn't see what's wrong with him when everyone else does.  I would love to read a real biography on her.

post edit: adam did not like this movie and does not understand how i can watch it twice in a week.



today i binged ate. cookies, chocolate, starburst, you name it, i had it. i feel gross.


So I didn't keep my resolution to read a book a week last year.  I read like seven books and most of it was Jane Austen from the ten pound complete collection I lugged around on my holiday. The next book I plan on reading is Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction.  When we were in Oklahoma I mentioned to Adam that I need a new book to read and he lend me his Another Roadside Attraction paperback.

Yesterday I was a bit in a nostalgic mood, hence the reading of diaryland posts (so 2003)! I also re-read some of the posts here and I realized that Adam got me my own copy a few years ago for Christmas! I have no recollection of this.

how about some Ed Ruscha. Norm's on La Cienega on Fire a LA roadside attraction.


inspired by kate spade

today i feel a little like eeyore with that raincloud over his head.  in photo class we had to show the teacher where the iso, aperture, and shutter speed buttons were. i have no idea. we had to walk around the hall taking pictures of things. i wan't feeling very inspired.

it is cold here and it was pretty lonely walking home from school.
the teach said my camera was heavy.



adam and i are pulling our hairs out trying to decide on an invite. we both have good taste :P but it has been hard agreeing on one. i wonder who will settle first?
these invites are awesome.  erin jang custom invitations via her blog indigo bunting.


porto rico importing company

every year adam picks up this great calender from the porto rico importing company in new york.  we couldn't make it out there this holiday so i ordered coffee beans online and asked for a calender if they were available. i hope so.
in the meantime my homemade calender will have to do. 

update: received coffee and calender today. yaay!



the snow is coming down hard today. we are off from classes for the holiday so i am doing some reading and brewing myself some espresso.
some fun prints for a cold day..

alvin lustig found on lox paper blog



do you have any new years resolutions?
my new years resolutions are to drink more water and try to work on my muffintop.. or what adam calls it the "over the muffin tin top." maybe do a few paintings?


food post

what we've been cooking since our return to michigan...
turkey burger with frozen sweet potato fries

adam wanted to do some winter grilling: chicken, potatos and poblano peppers.
what I ate for a snack. not very bride friendly. that's whipped cream. i added more later.
adam made a fish soup this weekend.
more whipped cream with my pancakes
I made turkey joes.



okay, we live in a peaceful town.. so whenever I hear or see police lights, I get a little nervous. A few days ago I saw someone get pulled over on our street corner. Then today after I got home from school, more lights on the same street corner.
 I look over and realized it was an car accident.

i wish i saw what happened..
owner of the house in the Prius.  That house is always perfect looking.. one of my favorite homes in the neighborhood excluding ours of course.


jet lag

adam and i have been suffering from jet lag. the worst lag is on our return to michigan from california. we always adjust easily from our overseas trips. maybe our bodies are saying we should be in the left coast. haha. not excited for school on monday.  i am always a nervous wreck before classes start.  hope there are some old people.
aren't these mini snowmen adorable? inspired- i made some of my own outside.

image via oh happy day


los angeles help

i'm trying to make a best of los angeles guide for our out of town guests. i have the museums, in & out, disneyland. i was wondering if any of you had any things to do, where to eat, sort of recommendations?
photo J. Shulman via



we received our first wedding gift from the Murphys! excited!!


maui in pictures

the things i said about hating hawaii? i take them back. maui is super beautiful and i had a ton of fun.
we did a bike ride down the a volcano. we got to see the sunrise on top of the said volcano. really breathtaking.

the silver sword.  it really feels like you are on another planet. this plant was beautiful.
remember on the jungle cruise at disneyland where you are in the backside of a waterfall. this is the real thing. haha
north shore. the waves were huge! i didn't tell you i got pummeled by a wave at the beach. my top and bottoms came off. embarassing. i'm fat. i also lost my aviators and this girl helped me look for them.
sunrise on the last day.

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