carrot cake

i made carrot cake. it turned out pretty good. we've been eating it for dessert everyday. what diet?


adam and i have a bit of an obsession with reuseable bags/market totes. so when i stumbled on the baggu website, i couldn't resist buying a few of these "baggu's."

on a side note, i cannot get used to the east coast time. i can't get up before 9am here..



"i can't believe its been less than two weeks since you got here, it feels like forever." - adam

source: annie leibowitz for vogue


more of mt. pleasant for you..

i need to send this photo to madoka. she gifted me with this scarf..

this place is right near the house. it is a classy joint where michiganites can buy their beer on the run..

the trees are turning colors.. so pretty! it is also getting pretty cold out here.. i am wearing a jacket indoors..

today's theme..



i am waiting for adam to come home from school this saturday. today is a day when prospective cmu students come and talk to professors while visiting the campus. adam was supposed to come home at noon and it is now a little past 1pm. i am sooo hungry! i am currently chomping on grapes and mostly the chocolate covered almonds.

photos of sofia coppola from the english muse blog via the ny times..



when adam lived in atwater village, i loved going to griffith park. not for the "scenic" hike, but for lunch at the trails cafe in griffith park. i always ordered the avocado/bacon bits sandwich (plus the pie, lemonade, cookie, etc.).

my version of the avocado sandwich is not as good but i enjoy it just as much.



per a conversation with steve, so sad to discover that Michigan is part of the mid-west.

but on a happy note, i am 1:30 minute plane ride from new york
:30 minute plane ride to chicago
and a little closer to paris..


corn risotto

more of mt. pleasant for you..

inspired by our dinner at bld, i decided to make a corn risotto with seared scallops. the dinner came out pretty well. only problem was that it required a cup of dry white wine and we only had semi-sweet white wine in the house.. end result wasn't awfully bad...


autumn's here..

can you see the trees turning color on our street?

this is our house (will update with more pictures once i get a little more organized)


sunday roast

sunday calls for a roast. we bought some michigan certified boneless chuck at the butcher.

we used our trusty le creuset dutch oven..

  • i forgot to take a photo before devouring my dinner. it was pretty good..


the chippewa's

i've only been here for a couple of days and adam already made me go to a football game. the school is cmu, the team is called the chippewa's. hung out w/ adam's professor friend and wife. they go to every game because there is nothing else more interesting to do.. oh man..

mt. pleasant eats

really yummy but very oily fries for lunch
a full rack of ribs and beans on the side.. very yummy

not too sure if i can diet here. food is not as bad as i was imagining..


seriously, my view from the airport to mt. pleasant

this is the view from lansing to mt. pleasant. lot's of green, some roadkill, cows, etc. very soothing.


September Issue

tried to find the september issue playing in michigan. no such luck.
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