guess who ate all the halloween candy and had to buy more?

need motivation.. someone. help.


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*macrumors says hold off on buying unless you really need it..
** i should use that idea for everything on my list....


my favorite holiday

thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  can you believe it is only three weeks away?

adam and i are headed to sister caroline's in berkeley for thanksgiving weekend.  last year was pretty fun, we cooked all day, ate leftovers and went on a fancy (with a stretch suv limo!) wine tour.  I can't wait for this year!

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are you dressing up as anything?  i have a cleopatra costume and a mime costume and nowhere to go.

we found out last night (at a rocky horror picture show screening) that the hosts of our usual halloween skipped town this year. i guess we can stay in and watch its the great pumpkin, charlie brown ..

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covet: map

this special map comes with pins so you can tack where you've been  (includes a red pin for headquarters and blue pin for next target and 200 black pins for destinations). 

i think it is a nice gift for adam (or is it for me?) for christmas.  $180 might be slightly out of reach. what do you think?



one piece

i am looking for a one piece. im too old and too fat to wear a two pice..

watercolor by caitlin mcgauley


art class

my project made it to the display case in the art building. so far every class has displayed my "work." yaay!


life is a highway

today i lost my drivers license and received a parking ticket at the library (i was studying). things were not going my way. i have two critiques tomorrow (one project still far from done, second project i am not too fond of). i'll be staying up this evening.. and i shouldn't be posting on blog.

i was about to order my dv online when we received a call that it was found at our local co-op.



covet: chanel

dear journal, one day i would like to inherit a vintage chanel...

image from lascomposantes


five years!

We had our first date five years ago today (which included paella, sangria, pbr, and blue velvet). i wish everyone was as lucky as me to marry an Adam.
and hb to yeni. such a weird age don't you think (32)?

from le love



i'm dying here. 

no reason to post on blog about being sick. but since i am never sick...going to blame the kids in my class who are always coughing their lungs out. damn them! i felt something coming on last night (tried my usual remedies-rest/drink water/gargle, etc) but feeling so awful. glad i survived classes at least?
oh yes, big news! sister caroline gave me her IPAD! i love it. i can't wait to take it on a trip with me.


papa's pumpkin patch (2011)

so every year we go to papa's pumpkin patch to pick up pumpkins, cider, apples, etc. this year we got to take sister caroline!

my fat butt ate two donuts in a sitting.


does anyone know what these things are?

look at my handsome boy (photo by caroline).
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