i hate..

i hate all things minnesota and all things clay. all the things i did with him make me sick. i want to avoid the 405 freeway and the stupid exit to his place. he hates that i'm a tomboy, that i'm not sexy enough, he hates the way i talk, he's not sexually attracted to me, he didn't like that i didn't go to his shows to support him, he doesn't like my tummy (i have a bit of a gut haha).. what else? there was more i swear... when i was listening to him tell me all the things he doesn't like about me.. i couldn't help but think, "IS THAT ALLl?" unbelieveable.. what the f* was he doing with me? listen, i like the fact that i'm a little bit of a tomboy and i swear and i'm weird. i promised myself i won't change for a guy and i think i'll stick to it. all this from a guy who was xo'ing me and telling me he wanted me to meet his family and to not leave him. out of the conversation the only good thing was that he has never dated someone this long (ha) and he's hasn't gotten along with someone this well. ... you heard the list. cons totally outweigh the pro.

i took this all well when we talked. i'm a little shocked that this happened to me but i am always saying that if someone finds someone else while dating, its because something is wrong with the relationship. i should of followed my gut. but finding out on myspace is soo not cool at all! it has been a rough couple of weeks not only because of clay but i'm also having work problems. thank god for my friends...well mostly yeni.. she let me cry for hours on the phone and my friend james who had a heart attack and is worried about me and mavis who didn't give me any sympathy stating that i should just find another guy...

i'm glad its finally over..my appetite is back. i don't have to always worry about when we get to hang out again.. i feel free and i fit into two of my tight pants now. i'm probably going to able to laugh at this after awhile. i mean it is a little sad but i find it pretty funny. but i still hate you clay and i wish i never met you. i hope you have a fun w/ the girl who cannot speak english and huge teeth. the end.


bridal shower

saturday i went to a coworker's bridal shower. i had breakfast with clay at this hawaiian place everyone loves in culver city. eggs, porteguese sausage and rice, plus a side of french toast and some kona coffee? heaven.

anyhoo... i got home at 12:20pm and took a quick shower, got dressed for the bridal party. we all met at my coworker kanako's apartment in playa del rey. her apartment is super cute! we had a small party with lots of dessert, terimisu, chiffon, you name it. at 5pm we got ready and i got my hair done by my coworker kanako and yuuki. we had reservations at Cinch in santa monica. we all shared all sorts of appetizers and i ordered filet mignon for my entree. we all had champagne called piper from sonoma (that's where she is having her wedding) and some australian white wine which i can't remember the name but it was really good. i was too stuft for dessert but i had their coffee which had this particular taste.

we all left the restuarant at 9pmish and i called dan back.. i drove to north hollywood where gertie fox was mixing their new record. at around 11pm joe, dan, and i head to vine bar. we hung out upstairs in the bean bag room. it was dark, everyone was smoking (my clothes smell sooo bad) and their was this strange girl who was showing her crotch to the world (was she attractive? no.. she was lanky and gross). as we were leaving we spotted alex greenwald of phantom planet (he's kind of an ass) and meg white of the white stripes.. now i have a girl crush on her even though i hate the way she drums.. she looks a little old in person. be jealous.


paella paella paella

okay.. so marc planned a disneyland trip today (well last night at marisa's bbq he asked if we had plans tom). i wake up super early waiting for marc's call. it's 11:30am and no one has called. weird. it would take at least an hour to round the whole gang up. I call marisa for the info and she hadn't received a call from anyone. i asked her to contact marc. apparently, he was tired because he had been up doing errands, steve wanted to stay home and watch the oscars. (update: steve said he would go but marc kind of blamed the whole not wanting to go on steve!). we knew it! steve would go even if he didn't want to or even if he was sick. well marc also told steve taht i wouldn't be going because my pass expired (i told him i was renewing it). so.. me and marisa were badmouthing marc that he was a whiney baby for about an hour when i told marisa i was hungry and my plans that morning were to go to lee's for sandwiches and iced coffee and then go to disneyland. marisa said taht we could still go to lees... i said i would rather have viva madrid. i love love spanish food and viva madrid has the biggest and best paella! marisa ordered some sort of wine and 7up concoction (it was pretty good). i had sangria which made me feel drunk (and the glasses are tiny!). i wanted to make so many drunk dials but thank goodness the restuarant had no reception. for appetizers we ordered calimari (we can't get enough) and this toast with tomato spread (so delish). i wanted to rush home and try to make that myself. it was fantastic.

if you do ever end up going to viva madrid order the sangria and make sure to have some appetizers.. paella takes a long time. maybe a thirty minute wait? but well worth it. marisa had some sort of garlic dish which was pretty salty. my paella was a little bit too salty for my taste (andre would of loved it here. he would put salt on salt). but overall a good dinner. more badmouthing marc. haha. this picture you can see my paella and marisa taking abite out of her huge shrimp, garlic, rice dish.

i posted a bulletin on myspace also for a good paella restuarant in los angeles.. colleen told me that el cid is good and also has flamenco dancing! phil says there is a place in philly and matty gave me directions to a place but no name. he owes me a lunch or dinner so maybe he'll take me there..
this is why my dress size expanded about two sizes huh?

creme brulee.. i love it! my photographing skills aren't very good but it was so delish! they torch it right in front of you and there is enough to share.

im on an important call with marisa so update this later. yeni, marisa says hi.

my important call was with marisa again badmouthing marc. haha.

so marisa's bbq was a success. the food was yummy. marisa was a bit upset that had to leave (but he has previous plans and still stayed from like 4-9ish!). not like marc who showed up past 8pm and left at 10pm. but wahtevers. party poopers should leave. i was sitting next to gracie and she was tapping her feet like crazy from boredom.. i dunno why she even comes if she doesn't want to. she should just hang out with her own girlfriends or her sisters...

i am soo glad i am drama free.

postscript: does anyone know of any good spanish restuarants in la?


i've turned into a whiner

i hate you.

i seriously wanted to end it like 5 times already and we haven't been going out that long. haha long for me.

on another note ... i think i saw lonni. sort of. i went to the del amo mall saturday and i see a girl w/ a kid crossing the street. she's looking at me (well i'm about to run her over).. i drive pass her and look through my rear view mirror.. omg i think that's charmaine! i saw the backside of lonni and a little of the kid.. i think.. not 100% positive. but lonni was wearing a green sweater w/ yellow horizontal lines.
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