halloween weekend

i made adam some pumpkin spice pancakes for breakfast.
 here is adam making his apple costume. i forgot to take a picture of the finished product.
 the top of his apple costume. stacy (the party host) thought adam was the fruit of the loom apple.
 me as rosie the rivetor. people at the party liked my costume!

nasu-mock pumpkins circa 2010


macbook air

so guess who's gonna get the new macbook air?

Have any plans for halloween? Adam is going to be an apple. As in the fruit.

josef albers

My graphic design teacher said my new project reminds him of Josef Albers work. I had never heard of him before. His work is pretty fantastic.  I'm really into simplicity these days.

I borrowed two oversize books by and about Josef Albers from the library today. i lugged them a whole mile home. workout done for the day.

images via here, here, and here

post edit: i miss illustrator. i just might spring for it ($500). should i? sayaka, sleep on it (this is a note to myself and whoever wants to talk me out of it?).



adam and i never fight. well... we don't fight about normal couple things because adam is the bigger person in our relationship. in reality like my friends, he knows not to fight with me. i'm pretty scary.
adam mentioned yesterday, "how come you never do the dishes?" that's not true. sometimes i do the dishes. maybe because i never cooked (before moving to michigan) equals i never did the dishes? not sure what the reason is but i don't like dishes. never have.  my hands will get rough. the japanese older ladies always mentioned that my hands are so soft. my mom said my hands are of a person not doing work/chores. it's a saying in Japan.

is there a point to this story? i don't do dishes, adam is a wonderful person and i am the lucky one.

post edit: i left adam a lot of pots and pans for him to wash.




adam said that i "eat too much." my appetite is apparently that of someone that does a lot of exercise. haha. it was mean but he speaks the truth. i think i'm under a little stress. i just don't know what i want to do with my life. i suppose i am lucky that i have a chance to explore my options?
i signed up for my first photography class next semester. might need your help picking out a camera. i'm scared!


international student

when i was in the library last week (studying for a midterm) a boy came up to me and asked me if i was an international student. i said i wasn't but he invited me to the international student event anyway. i declined.
i also get graduate international student emails from the university. they assumed i was because i didn't sign up as an international student... maybe i should change my name to martha or something..



i've been on a really bad sugar kick the last few months... maybe it's been a year. i have been eating bags of chocolate/cookies/ice cream (faves are reeses buttercups and peanut butter m&ms).

so anyway, i am trying to be more aware of the sugar i put in my mouth. i had a donut yesterday only because it was going to go bad if i didn't eat it. but in my defense cider and donuts are a michigan fall staple (i saw this on the news) so i am obligated to eat those.


papa's pumpkin patch (2010)

we had a bit of a busy weekend with football games, hanging out with friends and deadlines but we took a little mini detour to our neighborhood pumpkin patch.

i wanted to be the wife but my head didn't fit...

we love their donuts and hot cider. 

adam had to run errands for his classes and i had to go to the lab/studio for assignments so we didn't have time to pick up our pumpkins.  but we might not even be here for halloween.  i mentioned to our friends that adam wanted to go to the jon stewart rally and he was genuinely interested.  we might be headed to dc (maybe).


fall foliage

some mount pleasant foliage for you. i actually took these pictures last week and noticed on my walk home that it doesn't look this pretty anymore. it happens so fast!

getting nervous about the cold weather...


love it

my next wedding i want to get married in the south of france. i love everything about this wedding.. um, is it weird i am planning a second wedding before my first one is in the process of being planned?


tuna tataki

tonight's dinner was pan-seared sesame tuna. adam says this is his favorite dish of mine. it was pretty good but i ate like ten candy corn hershey kisses so i couldn't finish my dinner.

i found the recipe online and pretty simple to make.


current addiction : hershey kisses

not the normal hershey kisses but candy corn hershey kisses! i'm not sure if it has the candy corn flavor but i taste white chocolate. my addiction is bad. these are seasonal candies and i finished off two bags. i am not going to fit into my dress.

i have a story. when i was in high school i liked this boy. he offered me a kiss in class. a hershey kiss. :) years later a person who knew the both of us told me that she always thought we might make a nice couple. i was way to shy to do anything especially in high school. 


engagement party

i had so much fun at the engagement party this weekend aka i drank too much. adam's childhood friends think i'm funny. open bar's are not good for me.  i asked caroline to stop me from drinking at my wedding.  yikes.



I never realize how much I like being home unless I've been somewhere really different for a while. -Juno

we are heading to Oklahoma for the weekend.  Adam's dad is hosting an engagement party for us.  we are both pretty nervous. Hope you are having a good birthday!

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fish truck

my neighbor liz let me know about a fish truck that travels around michigan. today they made a stop in mount pleasant. i bought $100 worth of fish (tuna poke, tuna steak, scallops, salmon filets). very exciting.
i eastern-european man talked to me in line.  he's been buying from the fish truck for two years. i also saw five japanese ladies. they didn't talk to me though. they were all mom-types.


B Average

this semester i have a B average. i told adam that i always perceived my self as "artistic." finally taking art classes in my thirties, i realized that i am not very good at it. this makes me sad.


fall is here...

the temperature in mount pleasant has been dropping like ten degree's per week (severe frost warnings)! i might be exaggerating a little but it is getting pretty cold and i remember it being warmer same time last year. i keep telling adam that it's going to be a brutal winter but he doesn't believe me. wait till it happens. at last week's dinner party, we discussed michigan weather with fellow guests. i told them "michigan winters i can handle," with confidence. they replied that last winter was very mild and i'm in for it. i guess i will be retiring my boat shoes for the cold weather soon.my boat shoes are studded and aptly named "rockstar"
pretty leaves in the backyard. i promise to rake this year.


i want to go to there

have you heard of eataly? i want to go there so badly. but not yet, it will probably too insane. you can wine, dine and mario batali has something to do with it. a little italy in midtown. i hope when i eventually visit i can pick up some yummy things for our kitchen.
honeymoon - italy or greece?


diane kruger joshua jackson

i love diane kruger and joshua jackson. they are cute and super stylish. caroline saw them at dinner once. lucky. she said they were really good-looking.

photos via here, here, here
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