window shopping

Adam laughed so hard at this commercial. I was not as amused. :P


real simple recipe: asparagus/pine nuts linguine

made another real simple recipe from the magazine... the asparagus and pine nuts linguine.i tried the recipe with whole wheat pasta. it was simple but it would be better with a side of meat.. maybe some grilled sausage?



I have been craving donuts lately... I can't wait to get to Cambridge + Boston this Saturday. I am planning to eat a lot of pastries and gelato and oysters...


grilled pizza

Adam made grilled eggplant and feta cheese pizza. He didn't like how the pizza crust came out (too dough-ey). I thought it was pretty tasty... plus that basil on top was grown my me. :)


I bought some shears from target and cut Adam's hair. I should of known he was going to be a little particular about the haircut. but thirty dollars saved!
I also made some pancakes with marionberry sauce. I asked Adam if he likes the marionberries, he replies, "they taste frozen." What a jerk.



My attempt to eat healthier. Fail. I can't eat healthy to save my life.

Mount Pleasant has a summer festival going on...Adam and a tractor.



I can't wait to see Sofia Coppola's Somewhere..

Every time I see the trailer it reminds me of the time I saw Stephen Dorff in Venice. He was driving a flashy silver sport's car and had a blond model with him. Hollywood!

photos via oohsofia blog



i got to meet adam's cousin's in seattle. they are super nice people. these kids are their children sonya and guthrie. kid's are so cute!
sonya get's her photo taken so much she's sick of it here... haha

Oh yeah.. Guthrie had the best quote ever. He told Adam, "there's something strange about her."
Even kid's I just meet know I'm weird. Adam wanted to laugh so hard but he wanted to know the reason why Guthrie thought that. He didn't give a reason..


I think living in los angeles makes people spoiled. You have access to everything and in excess. When I visited Seattle three years ago I didn't like it because it was so clean. haha.

My second visit this summer to Seattle was pretty awesome.
I caught Adam's uncle Butch and Barb off-gaurd..
Adam's dad and Aunt Cookie and our weird waitress at Ivar's Salmon House.

Spicy bloody mary from Lola's..

Adam and Caroline in front of the eagle sculpture

The houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle
Seattle's Topiaries in funky Fremont
Seattle downtown view


my dream last night

i had a dream last night. i never remember my dreams but this one i remember vividly?

"adam and i had a fight the day before (in my dream) and so i stopped wearing my engagement ring. the next day i went to class  (art history) and you (toshiro) were my classmate. i started talking to the person on the other side of me. he asks me out.. and i say, "if my boyfriend and i break-up." well.. the dude that asks me out is spike jonze (also an adam in real life fyi)."

you were so mad at me for flirting. it was pretty funny. adam liked my dream.

i just asked adam if i could go out with spike. he said yes, "it would be a good opportunity." haha


a room with a view

our view from the hotel. we are on the fifteenth floor. sunny skies, high sixties in san francisco. lovely day.


sunday monday

adam made grilled kofta's sunday. the recipe called for ground lamb but we couldn't find any so we used ground beef.

adam's ride to school. we found this bike at the cmu surplus sale.

mount pleasant skies at 7pm.


drop dead diva

have you seen this show? it is pretty good. i watched three episodes today (haha). a shallow, blond model get's a second chance at life but in another girl's body who is a plus size lawyer. it's cute.

post edit: i watched all of season one this weekend. adam was so happy because i was pre-occupied. ha.

photo cred



i've been gearing up for satc 2 (aiden) for awhile by re-watching satc dvds. i didn't like the first one but critics are saying that the first movie was good but this second one is not as good... if critics like the first movie, will i hate the new movie?

adam has also been reading some reviews and is curious about watching it. i think i will try to see it by myself... i'm scared!

have you seen it?

photo cred



a real simple dinner from real simple magazine. spaghetti with dill, feta and shrimp. photo from real simple site, bottom photo by me!

i added asparagus and french bread to our dinner since it didn't look super filling...

japanese lunch (sort of) part II

leftover miso soup with ham and egg. my grandma used to make this for us during our summer's spent in Japan. i ate it the way my grandpa ate it... with soy sauce. it was pretty good.


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