birthday round up- i received two phone calls (one being my mom) and two texts for my birthday. how sad is that?
i guess going to europe will be my consolation prize.

my mom says to me yesterday, "you are going to get so fat from all that eating." jeez. well i'm going to pig out!


jane eyre

i have a bit of an obsession with classic novels by jane austen, charlotte bronte and the like. i read pride and prejudice about four times last summer. when i found out that jane eyre was going to come out this year, i decided to re-read the novel.

the last time i read jane eyre was in junior high.  i also remember watching the timothy dalton version in the same class and hating it (i'm a wuss and it was too spooky).

anyway, i finished reading the book at 3am on thursday and requested adam to take me to see jane eyre for my birthday. we drove an hour to saginaw to watch it. of course it was not as good as the book but i thought mia wasikowska and michael fassbender were brilliantly cast as jane and rochester.

michael fassbender is a total hottie as rochester. if adam and i get divorced, i'm totally going for a manly old guy. haha. maybe not since i'll be old too! can you believe michael fassbender is our age (born 1977) and dates zoe kravitz?

images from rotten tomatoes


reading on the plane

i realized i need some books for our trip but i always overpack... what to do?

 sometimes i want an ipad because my computer is so heavy.. i primarily want it to watch movies and read books. i still can't figure out that handbrake thing though..
do you have any good read recommendations?

take me sailing

one week left before i'm on a plane again. while adam is researching, i am deciding what to pack..


ryan owen

No Smog at the SmogShoppe
This past Saturday I played a wedding at a very cool Venue in Culver City called The Smog Shoppe. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s certainly worth checking out. http://www.smogshoppe.com/ As the namesake suggest, in the 1980’s it was a smog-check center, but now it’s a 100% solar-powered 6,500 square foot venue playing host to some of the hippest weddings and events around town.
I performed with my Alternative Trio which consist of  Classical Guitar( Me), Cello ( Glenn Grab), and Violin ( Emily Moore). The music that was chosen for the ceremony was really quite unique, and arranged for my trio (which you can hear performing other music on my website www.ryanowenmusic.com ) by me.
Recessional Groom-Composer- Enrique Granados, Danza Espangnola No. 2 “ Oriental”
Recessional Bride-Composer- Yann Tiersen, Valse ‘d Amelie ( from the movie Amelie)
These are two beautiful choices for anyone looking to do something a little different, and were a lot of fun to perform. I think that when the bride, and groom get involved with music choices (which they did) it becomes a reflection of each individuals personality and in turn makes it a much more personal event.


scott speedman

last tuesday we decided to have dinner at our former dining haunts canele in atwater village. when we drove by, we were so sad to find out they were closed. our second choice was blairs. when we were about to go inside, a girl sitting by the window and i locked eyes. it was teresa palmer (she was recently in i am number four). i thought "omg, could that be (her bf) scott speedman eating with her?" it was and i had a brief moment with scott later. when he was going to the bathroom he looked over at our table and i looked up and he looked away pretty quickly. haha.

now that i've seen him in real life, i dont like him. he drags his feet when he walks.

image via


two views

i kind of love this. photos taken on opposite sides roughly at the same time.

photo 1 credit raamla
photo 2 credit steve


covet: chevron bag

good for a day at the beach or a carry on bag to the mediteranean? hint hint
image via beklina



our wedding anniversary is the same as sofia coppola's birthday! yaay.

from here



we did it! all that planning and i think it was a successful night. thanks so some and no thanks to others. boy, am i the meanest?
closeted bridezilla? thanks for the day-off help!!


john john and cbk

sayaka: do you know they say that brides lose weight before the wedding?

adam: that's not happening for you.

ugh. it's true. what's wrong with me?

i bought a spanx bra ($70) and spanx.. spanx are more uglier in person than i thought.

oh yeah, i don't like my dress cause i'm fat!

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