britney spears

haha. britney spears works out at our gym in studio city. she takes the backway to enter. hilarious!




radiohead tickets go on sale this weekend. this makes me nervous.


rory gilmore

Adam and I had a mid-afternoon snack at one of my favorite sandwich places in Silverlake. They serve sandwiches named Griffith Park and Charlemagne. My favorite's are the Le Parisian (brie, slices of ham on a croissant) and the blue note. its on a toasted, open-faced bagette topped with chicken, mozzarella and slices of portebello mushrooms. Adam always orders the ham i am sandwich. all of the sandwiches there are perfection. The cheese store next door is wonderful too.

Say Cheese

2800 Hyperion Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90027

Mid-lunch, adam starts staring at someone sitting outside. I look and it's alexis bledel and her boyfriend. She comes inside to use the loo and she looks exactly like on tv. She's also very petite (not 5'7 like her imdb profile).

btw, adam liked the boyfriend's style so he was checking the bf out not alexis bledel. haha.
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