Detroit is slowly becoming one of my favorite cities.  I've only been there like three times though. haha.  It is listed as number 1 most dangerous city in the United States (Forbes article from 2012).  I don't ever feel like I am in danger... maybe cause i'm from the mean streets of LA (which wasn't on the list?). I try to bring Clif Bars to give out (I don't carry much cash) to the homeless.

This is kind of a guide when we have visitors?

Breakfast: New Center Eatery

When my family came to visit last fall, we went to New Center Eatery for breakfast.  Since they were coming in from the west coast, the best thing to do to get rid of jet lag is eat foods at the time of your destination.  They arrive early 5:30am and waited for me at the airport.  Our first stop was breakfast at New Center Eatery.  When I yelped them, a reviewer wrote, "better than Roscoes."  It's true.  They were really nice there and gave us a discount because it was my mom's birthday and my brothers wedding anniversary.  It was awesome.  The place is pretty clean and the customers were all locals (equals the place to eat!).

Museum: DIA

Okay, so I have yet to go to the DIA but it has been on my To Do forever.  It has the famous WPA Diego Rivera mural which is considered his best works and was recently named a national landmark!

Coffee: Astro Coffee

I have been coming to Astro Coffee every Detroit trip.  It is a little hipster but Michigan version so they are nice and friendly.  The coffee is delicious and the pastries are really good.  A nice place to take a break.  It is in a neighborhood called Corktown which is starting to have a revival due to Astros and our next place Slows.

Dinner:  Slows BBQ

Slows is not your neighborhood BBQ joint.  It is clean and a large beer selection and just a few doors down from Astros.  I am not a BBQ connoisseur I can't tell you what to get.  There are a few sampler platters you can share and a large assortment of sides.  Sooo good. So I get some BBQ from here and pick up an espresso and pastry from Astro's  for the drive home.


turks and caicos

We took a last minute trip to Turks and Caicos for spring break this year.  This winter in Michigan has been the most brutal.  A person I take yoga with said that it has been the coldest since the blizzerd of '77.  That blizzard is famous (I've seen t-shirts!).  

 The islands are pretty small and there isn't much to do.  Lots of relaxing and reading.  I like museums and exploring but this was a nice change.

We went on a boat cruise.  A part of it was conch hunting.  Adam was the only one on the boat that found a conch.  I was a proud wifey.

Damn, the beaches were the beautifulest beaches I have ever seen in my life.

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