do i need to get tested for add? i have schoolwork due tomorrow and i can't get anything done.  wtf is wrong with me?



I like the cold weather this time in Michigan.   Everyone is indoors, everything is covered in white and it is so serene.  Although this winter has been pretty mild so far.  I hope it stays like this since I am taking night classes and walking in snowy weather would suck.  Anyway, January and February  are reserved for catching up on all the best picture nominees before the Oscars.

movies we've seen:
midnight in Paris (love)
moneyball (Adam loved- statistics/baseball)
the artist (cute)

no interest: (sorry)
extremely close and incredibly loud
war horse
the help (i'll probably watch this on my own)

last night we watched the tree of life.  i heard people not understanding this movie so i warned adam.
Instead Adam loved it and related to the characters. It was a beautiful, super arty, philosophical film and I didn't understand any of it. 

One thing I wanted to do after watching the film was to visit Texas.  The film was filmed in various small towns in Texas.  I've always wanted to visit Marfa and Austin. What about Barton Springs?


night classes

remind me never to take night classes again (unless i have to).  i'm not good at time management.

image via


sharon core

Painting or photograph?

I just found out about Sharon Core. Amazing.

images via TMagazine
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