Blue Bayou

Michigan weather has been pretty good to me. It is a little colder than Los Angeles in the winter but if you wear the proper clothes (down feathers) you do well. I learned to dress this past winter and Adam is still learning. :) I thought that I would have a hard time this summer getting used to the humidity. It is actually really nice here. We live in an old house so sometimes it gets a bit warm but when you open the window's you get a nice breeze.

Anyway, the reason why I have a picture of the Blue Bayou at Disneyland is because at night, when our window's are open, it sounds just like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It is pretty soothing. I hate crickets and bugs but they sound pretty nice. Speaking of which a grasshopper hit me in the face yesterday. That was a scary.

p.s. i miss disneyland.

photo via a family blog

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