visitor yaay!

we've got a visitor this weekend. from california. a sister. i am excited. if she isn't too tired we'd like to take her to the pumpkin patch for some cider + donuts and maybe some barbeque?



i got a bicycle just in time for the nice weather? here i am at a neighborhood park in mount pleasant (will little neighborhood jaunts help me lose weight?). isn't it lovely? can't wait for the leaves to change color.

i have been asking to go on bike rides so often, adam is very sick of them.  i wish i had some pals to ride my bicycle with... or old friends, come to michigan with your bikes so we can go biking!


record player

We are on a hunt for a record player. Adam has a vintage player here and in Oklahoma but is looking for something more modern? Our stereo is dying and he want's a new system. Any recommendations?
source  I love Bridget Bardot..



someone stole my pink flamingo's from the front yard. apparently it is expected because i live in a college town... neighbors across the street got their lawn furniture stolen..




this song makes me happy

on repeat


cool wedding

if i could do it all over again.. haha i would have a destination wedding and preferably in the south of france.

have you seen mark ronson's cool red pinstripe suit? how cool is his wedding? in the south of france. i'm going to try and get adam's hair to do that..



traveling in style

you know those people that are super stylish at the airport? well i wish i was a little more stylish when traveling. i'm in my 30's so comfort come before anything (or is it because i live in michigan?).
this week is  a travel week for a lot of people i know. elena and my brother are heading out to london (plus serbia and budapest). jason and mavis are going to tokyo. we'll be at the same airport, on the same day, just a few hours apart. i told her to come early, she tells me to change my flight.  it would of been so fun to hang out with m + j in another country. i guess next time...




while browsing for records at amoeba i came across adam's doppelganger.

well, hello there bob dylan.



adam is in a bit of a pissy mood. well.. he's been cooking for a few hours now (i think he is hungry). he also dropped something.. he got mad at me so i went downstairs with a party pack of m&m's. have you seen the gigantic bag? i just ate five handful's and a bag of chips because i was mad and hungry. i feel really sick...
i can never make the right food choices. i think i am going to barf..

beautiful cheese plate via gourmet live
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