john wayne red river

brownies from sweets for the soul in atwater village
a western

view from the getty

sunset from the getty

adam and i went to visit the getty to see a john wayne, montgomary clift western. it was pretty hilarious... the weather was also very clear and chilly..


bikram yoga

i've been doing a trial period of bikram yoga a.k.a. hot yoga for a few days now with yuuki, sekai, dan, asa, and nick in atwater village. it is soo intense. the instructor advised us to come six times a week for the first six weeks. i don't know how everyone does this..


Corizon Winery

in front of our last stop. Corizon Winery.. inside the winery. very chilly.
we made friends with other wine-tasters. one person made a chocolate/nut/ginger snack. very yummy.
smiley adam.

alpha omega

winery number two. adam stumpled upon alpha omega.the alpha omega vineyard is about three years old and the tasting area is about fve months old. i didn't care about the name but it turned out pretty wonderful. the lady who helped us was really nice. she let us drink our wine outdoors and gave us a half a glass full of tasting per glass. we were pretty drunk by our last tasting.

we purchased a unoaked cabernet savignon at alpha omega. i am interested in their club. the owner also has a winery in san luis obispo. i forget the name of the winery but it starts with a T. the owner was apparently fed up with being at the end of the list alphabetically, he named this winery with an A.


it's sunny in napa!

today the first winery adam eyed.. a place called peju (the owner's last name). the family is originally from provence, france. i remember passing this winery last year because of the strange red-lite branches.

we bought a bottle of their white/red wine mix. i believe the worker informed us that this is the most famous bottle of wine. they make about 10,000 cases of it every year.


the city

i am catching up on the hillls and the city episodes online. fun!

we're taking a napa!

we decided to take a long weekend to napa. the drive was a bit long and foggy but once we arrived in st. helena, it was well worth it. it is soo beautiful here. i wish i was rich enough to buy a winery...
vineyard at harvest inn

of course we are watching the usc v. penn st game new years day.
happy new year. hope you are having a fabul!ous day
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