do you know the way to san jose?

tonight i will be flying by myself for the first time ever. i know it's pretty lame but i have alway's had a travel buddy (ie. my brothers, yeni, allison, coworker's, adam). I'm terrified. wish me luck. haha.


david wain

adam decided that he wanted to do brunch at square one dining this morning. square one is one of my favorite places to have brunch. I was introduced to the place a few years ago by Sayaka(not myself). She let me know that the best plates to have are their french toast and salmon benedict dish. I love both as well as their baked chorizo egg dish. fantastic!

we parked our car a block away and walked towards square one. a guy is walking towards us and it was DAVID WAIN of stella and wet hot american summer fame! You should have seen how wide adam's eye's got. Adam wanted to follow him but we opted not to.



the dodo's

i went to see the dodo's and akron/family at the natural history museum friday night with scott and adam.tickets are the same price as admission to the museum. Adam get's in for free because he has a USC id and i get a student discount. yaay!

i did enjoy the dodo's. the sound quality isn't great but it's a fun show. i also enjoyed gawking at the hipster boys and girls. the trend these days for boys seems to be jeans, check shirt with rolled up sleeves, puffy hair and vans.
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