made chicken kabobs today by oven. adam enjoyed them very much. we are in the market for a grill. nothing fancy.. maybe this one? i want a teal one but i can't find one..


potato/leek soup

while i was at yoga class, adam made us some potato leek soup. it was delicious and i wanted to share..tonight he is making beef strouganoff (not sure how to spell it) and it smells soo wonderful. will post a photo later. i love weekends because adam is in charge of cooking..


big pimpin'

i made biscuits this morning. adam started to be silly, sing jay-z (while trying to piss me off)and dropped most of the biscuits.
thank you adam!



adam's sister went to costa rica for vacation and brought us back some organic shade grown coffee. we go through coffee so quickly but costa rican coffee, what a treat!


covet: skillet

le crueset skillet. i had a purpose for it yesterday but i don't remember what i wanted it for..photo


easy bake

last time i was at the supermarket i wanted to buy the jello no bake cheesecake. adam would hate it so much.
did you know it takes 5 packets of cream cheese..

eight eggs (six eggs, two yolks)..to make a cheesecake?
new york cheesecake topping..

i had enough cheesecake for this year.


bright star

Mount Pleasant has a little international festival every year. I coaxed Adam to take me to see Bright Star last Saturday. It is about the poet John Keat's fiancee Fanny Braun and their ill-fated love affair. I was pretty much balling throughout the whole movie (knowing what happens to John Keats). Adam asked, "Is this porn for women?" I heard other people's sniffle's during the movie so maybe it really is "porn for women."


food post

chicken and rice
carrot cake for st. patrick's day
chicken milano

pork tostada's



It has been sunny and nice in mount pleasant the last few days. I told adam I wanted to make a wooden bench for our porch area for the spring/summer. Haha. I mean, Idid get an A+ in wood shop in the seventh grade.we were told that the weather is going to get cold again. you never know in michigan they said.. snow for the next few days. :(



we have neighbors across the street that we have wanted to befriend since my first visit to mount pleasant (last june). he looks like zack galifanakis and there are two of them. they wear suspenders and panama hats'. today they said hi to me after i waved. we are a little closer to becoming their friends. haha{image}

red velvet cake

this image is kate bosworth at dough boy's in los angeles (holding a red velvet cake). after dinner with my brother and his girlfriend elena, we all walked over for doughboy's for dessert. the red velvet cake was soo delicious.. still dreaming about it.. i totally recommend {image}


la spring break

had a great visit. ate too much. drank too much. need to exercise when i go home. {via}



getting ready for our 9 hour trek to los angeles tomorrow. exciting!



covet: bike

i want a dutch bike. it would be so cool to take a ride in our small town come spring..

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