christmas tree!

we spend the weekend running errands and christmas shopping at the americana brand in glendale. you can't tell from this picture but it snows every night at the americana at 7:00pm sharp.
adam waiting for snow

illumination at the americana.

a little boy to his dad, "daddy, daddy i want this one." the tree didn't go up to my knees!

our six footer!


post thanksgiving thanksgiving

the cooks of the post-thanksgiving dinner (i only basted the turkey)

my mama and ayako

the primary cooks of the evening yuuki and adam

the evening turned out very well. i took a million pictures but they accidentally got deleted. we played cranium and some people (adam) were sore losers. nick, jason, ayako, mavis ended up the champions. i knew my team would win.

by the way, you were missed!


christmas wish list 2008..

felicity senior year

latte bowls from anthropologie..

i hope i get this..

the dvd's don't come out until january...

a city bike

ninendo wii

hunter wellies!

swoon.. chanel flats


purple frames

how cute is this little girl? look at that pout!

photo from the sartorialist



Have you seen the carrie underwood nintendo ds commercial?

i want one now..


Addicted: On the Road Again Spain

I have been addicted to the PBS show Spain on the Road Again for several weeks now. Adam and I argue on whether I get to watch this show or if Adam watches baseball. I usually win or Adam just lets me win :)

Gwyneth Paltrow, Mario Batali, actress Claudia, and NY times food writer Mark Bittman travel Spain trying out different dishes of various towns.

I've also been addicted to Mark Bittman's blog. I've printed out several recipes. I'll let you know later how they pan out.


london (final day of vacation)

the winston churchill war rooms
big ben
westminster abbey

We started the day seeing sights such as Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey. We ended this segment of our trek at the fabulous churchill/war room museum. Both of us had a fantastic time but our opinions may be biased because we are both history buffs. i wanted to get adam a churchill tie but he declined my offer. adam's response: "I am not worthy enough to bear Winston on my chest."

we then walked towards trafalgor square (no pigeons because of the rain) and the national gallery museum. the national gallery museum is quite fantastic. we saw all the paintings we studied in high school: tryptics of the middle ages, the dutch arnolfini and his wife, an extensive display of the renaissance work of raphael, el greco's neon biblical scenes, several self portraits by rembrandt, and the usual suspects from the 19th and early 20th century: van gogh's sunflowers, monet, seurat.

Adam says he was impressed by "the sheer constancy and magnitude of the representation of art en vogue between 1400 and 1900."

my chocolate pound cake and latte from the Churchill Musuem

Adam's quiche and coffee

waiting for the tube

our mostly gloomy day..

postscript: this entry was partially edited by Adam.


guess where we spend our evenings?

this is the front entrance to our hotel. i think everyone that stays at our hotel is american. the hotel is quaint but i dislike their breakfast. i'm in england and i want an full english breakfast with beans, mushrooms, tomatos!
eating out in london is quite expensive. our snack at the tate modern was about $50 and our mid-day lunch at the pub was about $60! that's two beers, a salad, and fish/chips!

we have a whole foods here in kensington at about 5 minute walk( it has three levels and it is quite a sight) and the place caters to americans (cashiers and customers). so it is easy to bring take-out back to the hotel with us.

adam discovered a refillable wine dispenser at whole foods

my $18 chicken curry "take-away"


a happy adam at the tate modern restuarant. it has a wonderful view of the thames river.

hot chocolate(the drink of choice for parisians and english)
butternut squash/pesto penne pasta... i can say i make this dish better
adam's open-faced roast beef sandwich
adam enjoying the tate
taking a break at a pub/cafe
adam and his chocolate cupcake from hummingbird bakery

sayaka and vanilla cupcake

we're back in london to take in the sights... sorry london, but after paris you are a bit drab.

did i mention i love paris?

mid-afternoon snack (canale and duex cafe creme)

adam found the "american" section at the super marche hilarious

us after the eiffel tower (tired and hungry).
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