We are still in our hotel in Traverse City.. well we have to start packing again. Saturday we leave for San Francisco, then we are heading to a little family reunion in Seattle with Adam's family. Adam has a couple cousin's who live there and few aunts/uncles will be flying out there. The last part of our trip is Oklahoma City to relax and visit his grandparents. Very exciting.

post edit: leaving for san francisco next wednesday giving us a week and a half in mount pleasant.


traverse city

some scattered photo's of our weekend in Traverse City for memorial day weekend (aka sayaka's birthday..


more grilling and tubing

Mount Pleasant kids tubing down the Chippewa river..
Sorry for the many posts on grilling (third in one week!). I've been to barbecue's before but I've never done any grilling myself. I didn't know that grilling makes everything better.
Salmon prep..

me and gin + tonic (have you noticed it has been my drink of choice lately?)..

Sweet corn and asparagus..

Dinner is served (salmon, scallops and asparagus).. I forgot to make the rice..


3 day weekend

i'm sad i can't do a birthday dinner and drinks with you guys this year. i really do miss my friend's.

well this birthday (my 31st) adam is taking me to traverse city ! there are wineries and chocolatier's and ice cream and good local food. i am very excited. the girls in my yoga class said it will be so fun. i believe them. they also said i could take a yoga class there but i think i would rather eat. can't wait!

via flickr


honorary mexican

we made carne asada tostada's tonight for dinner. they might be a good dish for having friends over..

i wish i could stop overeating..


grilling kabobs

adam + grill
sayaka + gin and tonic

shrimp kabob

chicken kabobscitranella candle and my gin and tonic


we bought a cheap weber grill this weekend. Adam wanted to grill something right away.we read the new yorker..
grilled sweet corn (Adam liked it so much I am going to get some more for tonight's grilling)..
salmon, yukon gold potato's and zucchini..
Tonight we are grilling chicken and shrimp kabobs..



after dinner adam and i take walks around our neighborhood. adam likes to go to the railroad tracks. today we explored a little further..


turkey burger again. hahah


working on our "bar area." lot's of gin and vermouth because adam drinks too many martini's and makes me gin and tonics.


nutella with banana on an english muffin. i saw someone do this on a blog. it was super sweet even for me. i washed it down with black coffee.
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