no exercise

i need to exercise. i'm super fat.

start exercising in the summer hopefully.


st patricks day (2012)

adam wants me to post what we did and specifically which leprechaun movie we watch each year.

we had the smiths, baxters, buschs over for beef stout stew and Guinness floats (which was too rich and pretty gross). the dessert/drink was a fail. thank goodness for Kristen's super delicious homemade apple pie. :)

the leprechaun movie we viewed was the into the hood (so awful).


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day two: nashville

we start our day brunching at marche artisan foods.  they are known for "taking you out of nashville for a little while."  adam orders the potato/pastrami hash and i order the special mushroom omelette.  i see a hip guy in all black getting out of a car. i think to myself that guy kind of looks like jack white. i look a little closer, it is him.

i tell adam, "don't look but it's jack white." adam loves jack white. he's been into him and the white stripes for a long time. he looks at me like "yeah right" but looks back out the window. he panics a little.  it was pretty funny.  he couldn't eat his food after he came in.  adam had the perfect view from where we were sitting.  karen elson joins the group after a little bit. she is one of my favorite models but looked really plain and small (not at all model-like).

oh yeah, we saw another psuedo celebrity.  all these tourists were going crazy and we see cameras... the couple from big world little people?  i dunno. i took a picture of i think i deleted it because i didn't know what it was..

photo: vogue


a few memphis photos...

adam did quite a bit of research for our tennessee trip. 

it feels so nice to be in sun. i loved being able to wear flats or boots that aren't made to walk in snow.

pretty flowers
we stayed at the historic peabody hotel. 



so it is spring break for us. we are heading south to tennessee. so excited. we are driving 13hours to memphis. crazy!

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