christmas tree!

we spend the weekend running errands and christmas shopping at the americana brand in glendale. you can't tell from this picture but it snows every night at the americana at 7:00pm sharp.
adam waiting for snow

illumination at the americana.

a little boy to his dad, "daddy, daddy i want this one." the tree didn't go up to my knees!

our six footer!


post thanksgiving thanksgiving

the cooks of the post-thanksgiving dinner (i only basted the turkey)

my mama and ayako

the primary cooks of the evening yuuki and adam

the evening turned out very well. i took a million pictures but they accidentally got deleted. we played cranium and some people (adam) were sore losers. nick, jason, ayako, mavis ended up the champions. i knew my team would win.

by the way, you were missed!


christmas wish list 2008..

felicity senior year

latte bowls from anthropologie..

i hope i get this..

the dvd's don't come out until january...

a city bike

ninendo wii

hunter wellies!

swoon.. chanel flats

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