turks and caicos

We took a last minute trip to Turks and Caicos for spring break this year.  This winter in Michigan has been the most brutal.  A person I take yoga with said that it has been the coldest since the blizzerd of '77.  That blizzard is famous (I've seen t-shirts!).  

 The islands are pretty small and there isn't much to do.  Lots of relaxing and reading.  I like museums and exploring but this was a nice change.

We went on a boat cruise.  A part of it was conch hunting.  Adam was the only one on the boat that found a conch.  I was a proud wifey.

Damn, the beaches were the beautifulest beaches I have ever seen in my life.


covet: fuji x100s

I can not pack light ever.  Whenever I travel this is what I bring in my carry on:

new york times
change of clothing (international), toothbrush
glass water bottle

I have been looking for a lightweight camera for travels and I think I found the one.  What do you think?

photo via thesartorialist


back to regular scheduling

So we have gotten back to our regular (hermit) schedule.  Adam has been busy with work conference trips (VA and FL x3) the last couple of months and we have gone to two countries this year (!!!).

We don't really like watching TV shows in real time.  The only ones we do watch are the Mindy Project, Mad Men and some NBC shows.  Everyone has been telling us to watch Breaking Bad and I think we started watching last year?   Adam loves it and I started to like it finally on season 4 (the last three episodes).  Very excited for the last season and a little scared.

photo via


dream vacay

the last couple of days in mount pleasant have been really weird. very cold and windy.  the day before that had lots of rain that melted the snow, then we got hit with more cold freezing the rain (making for icy, slippery roads).  thank goodness for the sun today.

I am totally wishing for a warm getaway.  Living in the cold is very hard.

So I am thinking this one piece ...

and the Turks and Caicos for my fantasy vacation getaway?


Note to Self: Bangs


when you get the urge to cut yourself some blunt bangs again, don't do it.  it looks bad and you look extra fat and makes your face huge.  Thanks.



Adam is in Florida this weekend.  I am very jealous.  I want to be in miami at art basel instead of working on my final.

I am home alone thinking of the movie the 'strangers,'  hoping no one knocks on the door, as I will freak out.

I miss the husband.  He says i should clean the house but I didn't.

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