Adam wants to get a cleaning lady.  I want to get organized.  Can we get some wall shelving??



Can you believe it is our seventh winter in Michigan? When we were back home I counted how many years we have been gone. It has been a long time.

No one gives a shit but I should post at least once a month. As a digital diary or something. 
Anyway, update for January; We live a few miles outside of town. Our little roads don't get too much traffic.  We are in single digit temperature this week and the snow turned into ice. I've been slipping and it is pretty scary. 


Long time, no blog

The one person who reads my blog wants an update. Let's see... We didn't do much over the summer.  I didn't bother Adam too much about going anywhere like usual.  Also, traveling with a baby is pretty taxing.  Eleanor has been on 8 trips (21 airplane rides) and our seatmates mentioned how good of a baby she was.  It is starting to get harder. 

Anyway, will update more soon.  If its not on the blog, it didn't happen?


heading home

... for a long weekend.  Excited to see friends and family.  Wish I could stay longer.  Maybe in the summer?


6 months

Baby girl is six months! Time really does fly.  She is starting to eat solids (her favorites are tofu and Japanese sweet potato).  She screams sometimes and strangers have been telling me that she will be a talker (I can see the future when the report cards come in- talks too much).  I don't know where she got it from.


Spring Break 2015

I feel like this winter hasn't been so bad (knock on wood)?  I know the temperature is low but not as much snow?  

I wasn't planning on going anywhere for spring break.  Adam has been very busy with classes and the thought of traveling with a baby scares me.  Well, Adam wanted to get out of the cold and have some warm weather time. So in our regular fashion, we booked flights to Miami last minute.  I'm excited.
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