when something bad happens,  i put it away in the back of my brain and try to forget it.  if i have a traumatic experience that i can put away and forgot for over a decade. not a good coping mechanism.

adam on the other hand, will think, think, think about a situation.  he is really down because of me. i feel awful.  i hope he feels better soon. :(

instax photos from our trip to belize


my husband

is the cats pajamas

the bees knees

a supportive and most awesome person.  but you already knew that.  i dunno how i got so lucky.



are you watching girls?

i watched the pilot episode when it first came out.  i wanted to watch some episodes on the plane but thought maybe it wasn't appropriate for plane viewing.  i picked up the first season on dvd.  adam doesn't like it.

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is it just me or is everyone having babies?
my friend sachiko, yuuki and toshiro had babies last year, early next year my friend linda, allison, and naomi (our coordinator) are having kiddos.  i'm starting to loose count?

anyway, i want to send them gifts, something unique and cool... like Adam and I :) I don't know what to get... help.

cute striped onesie from jcrew is a contender.

is that guy famous?

we had brunch at madame matisse a few days. in walks a dude i think is garrett hedlund but i'm not sure.  we made eye contact (only because i was staring at him like a weirdo, do i know him?). he has a conversation with the waitress.  pays for his food and leaves (in a different state license plate rental- a highlander or some sort of car).

after he leaves, the waitress says, "is he famous? he comes in here all the time.  his name is garrett hedlund."

i tell the waitress, "he is not really famous but kirsten dunst is his girlfriend."  he's also currently in on the road.  he looks like a regular dude, i'm sure he doesn't get noticed at all.

he was in that gwyneth paltrow country movie..



1. drink black coffee
2. be nice
3. eat less cookies/chocolate/cake
4. get rid of clutter

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