wedding weekend

last weekend we were in LA for my brothers wedding.  it was so wonderful.  a magical day. will post more later.


art classes

When I was a little girl, I used to draw a lot.  I wanted to take art classes in college but they were too many hours and I had two jobs (and shh on academic probation for a semester).

I am really happy I can take art classes now.  This semester I am taking a painting class.  My second painting class ever.  The teacher is really good and I am having a good time.  Although the critiques scare me still. 

The second project deals with memory.  I have an idea of what I want to do.  I explained my idea to the teacher and he told me to look up an artist.  The artist is Antonio Lopez Garcia.  I know him from his baby heads at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston.  <-- I think my teacher was impressed with my museum knowledge.  I hate you still Mr. Lubenkov.  You suck.

He is a Spanish painter and known for his realistic style.  Well since his introduction, I want to paint more still-life's.  Isn't his stuff gorgeous?

The teacher asked me if I was from Boston (because I knew about the scuptures). Hello?  I don't have the awful accent (Boston/Maine accents are the worst). I guess my ebonics/valley accent isn't very nice either. 
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