boston day two

Adam's conference started today.. Museum's are closed on Monday's usually so what is a girl to do? Shopping! I took a subway to Newbury Street and visited the Anthropologie, Madewell, Apple stores. They were having 4th of July sales so I got a few good deals. I haven't been solo shopping in such a long time and it was awesome.

The highlight of the day was having dinner at Legal Sea Foods in Cambridge. I ordered the New England Clam bake. Our waiter said I was ordering the best thing on the menu. I ordered the smalled lobster but it was huge. It came with sides, clam chowder, etc, etc. I didn't like the clam's too much though.Oh yeah, we also had oysters. Our waiter gave us two extra so we could sample all the oysters available that day. Lucky us!

Yeah, I wore a bib.

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Anonymous said...

you've been eating lots of seafood lately. i'm jealous!

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