we have arrived..

adam and i just arrived in new york at six pm. we made reservations at Craft (ten blocks south of where we are). dinner was delicious and adam's sister caroline met us for a little bit to catch up.

foie grae starter
short ribs with a side of potato gratin (everything rich.. i didn't do a good balance)

beet salad to start
monkfish with a side of garlic risotto (soo good)
Joe pointed out to me that this restaurant is Tom Cocclichio of Top Chef fame.



adam and i spent a peaceful afternoon in Maud, Oklahoma with his uncle Butch and Aunt Barb. they always have yummy snacks ready for us. These are photo's of their frozen pond. I walked on it for a second but it started to crack. They have a panther that visit's their property.

we took a walk around their land. Butch and Barb stayed inside because they were cold.


oh christmas tree

our christmas tree
our mantle (we received quite a collection of holiday card's this year)
we got a package from adam's sister today. wow!

we're off

last minute packing, sorting and we will be off tomorrow morning. merry christmas and happy early birthday to my brother!



i kind of went crazy with the scanner this morning. it's a good thing that most of my photo's are still in california..


print scan

got a new toy today. a copier, scanner, and photo printer in one!


saturday: bacon, eggs, hash browns, and english muffin
sunday: whole wheat pancakes


i need's to pack

i better get on packing.. i need clothes for outdoor, warm weather, cold weather, and for fancy dinners.. i would hate to overpack.... wish me luck.


winter garb

what i wore to the co-op to buy milk today.. i feel so mid-western wearing weather boots and so many layers.

this picture doesn't make my outfit look that bad but i felt gross. i wore fleece and a green christmas (snowman) shirt.


ace hotel

i just made our reservations for new york hotel at ace. so excited to be spending new years in the big apple! now i have to look for restaurant's for new year's eve..



we received a christmas package from adam's uncle and aunt from Maud. i think she made these peanut brittle from scratch. i had a few but i'm sure adam won't notice. :)

she also sent me some towels that say, "ho ho ho." is she implying something?


it's almost christmas..

our neighbor liz invited us to a trunk show for a local jewelry designer. i was a bit hesitant to go especially because i am so awkward but turns out that one of the lady designer's work part-time at the coop. we purchased some earrings for my mom there. i'm glad i went, it was pretty fun..

adam said we have a total of seven friends in mount pleasant now. haha.


rice cooker

can i tell you that the worst thing that could possibly happen to a japanese person, happened? okay, i might be exaggerating a little but my rice cooker broke!!! my wonderful mom is looking into shipping me a new one.. but only if it doesn't cost too much. until then, i am using our le crueset dutch oven.. not the same though...


mock grandparents

these are adam's grandparents, Haskell and Louise Mock. they are aged 92 and 90. adam hit his grandma with a football thanksgiving weekend.

okc to mi

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