our christmas was spent in mexico at an adults-only resort. it was super relaxing and fun.  here are a few photos from our trip.

many margarita's and pina collada's were consumed, emily griffin novels (?) read (four!) and a celebrity sighting (Brad G. from Rachel Zoe Project).

will post dslr photos soon.


rant: thank you cards

does no one send thank you cards anymore (or an email or even a text??)?
two weddings, no thank you cards. if you do anything for your wedding-send a thank you card!

i guess its expected when they didn't get us a gift for our wedding...


from the suhs!

the suh's always send thoughtful gifts for christmas. this year the mailed us this salad spoon & fork + dressing mixing bowl (in a shape of a planter) and a gourmet salad garden. we don't eat enough salads and maybe this will encourage us to do better. new years resolution?
adam and i are pretty bad with plants (maybe just me 'cause he's watering the christmas tree everyday). i hope we can grow the gourmet lettuce seeds. wish me luck!



on the way back to oklahoma city

what are you reading?

i just purchased the marriage plot because the cover is so neat looking. can't wait to read it.

for the first time in over two years, i didn't take my laptop on a trip. i brought the ipad and downloaded a movie (also my first). i rented the film beginners(have you seen it?). it's cute. i want the dog arthur in the movie.

i'm trying to figure out what books and/or movies i want to download for the trip.

mindy kaling's new book?
the paris wife?

i want to read wallis simpson biography-need to pre-order

any books or films you would recommend?  i like the girly variety. :)

image via goop



just finished my final project for 3d class.  after my critique tomorrow morning, my fall semester will be done.  this semester has been the hardest for me. i'm getting my first B :( in graphic design..

in other related school news, i got a top score on a online quiz on logos and won a poster. i kind of feel bad for taking the prize away from the kids but i was a little proud. :)

also when the teacher asked the class which final campaigns they liked, a kid said he liked my california one. crazy!

i don't think i will ever be successful at graphic design because i can't properly judge my work?

well i'll miss my classes but can't wait to clean the house (it hasn't been cleaned in forever), finally turn off the computer (been on for a month!) and start to pack for okc. yaay!


christmas tree 2011

since moving to mount pleasant,  we have been going to a local farm and cutting our own tree.  adam started feeling bad so this year we decided to buy a fake tree. i wanted a miniature pink plastic tree from target.  adam wanted a six foot fake tree. we couldn't agree so we bought a real tree again this year. 

it smells really nice in our house.

p.s. adam is listening to xmas music and getting into the spirit. i am working on my final (doing terribly).
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